The Crimson Syndicate

The Crimson Syndicate is a new upstart faction of organized crime that could loosely be described as space pirates who have been usurping the Frontier as of late. They are well organized and operate out of an uncharted system (the unexplored system in the far NE corner of the AD Frontier Map). This system was believed to have been an entry point the Sathar utilized during the Second Sathar War and the UPF began to construct a small fortified station to serve as an early warning center in the future but the project was abandoned. The CS discovered this unfinished construction and made it habitable & operational, using it as a home base. One of the worlds has an atmosphere and the CS utilizes slave labor to operate a uranium mine, shuttling the refined ore up to their station for use as fuel for their fleet.

The station itself is a Size:3 space station able to accomodate up to HS:14 vessels, but the pirates have already sectioned off the bay to accomodate their fleet (the largest vessel being a HS:12 light carrier). Their flagship is a HS:8 escort cruiser accompanied by a destroyer, a pair of Condor class pirate frigates, some corvettes & assault scouts, and several squadrons of fighter craft along with numerous support craft.

It should be noted that their actions are not in accordance with the piracy confederation and as such the Star Devils have declared war on the Syndicate, fortunately the Syndicate's location remains unknown to the various other piracy factions but there have been numerous pirate battles that have taken place when ships belonging to the Devils and Syndicate are encountered in the same system together. 

This does not concern the Syndicate in any way, their goal is not making friends rather generating cash in whatever manner they see fit. Such manners would include (but not limited to) piracy, smuggling, slavery, racial trafficking, extortion, loansharking, blackmail, gambling (legal or otherwise), fencing, cybercrimes, political & labor corruption, counterfeiting, and assassination.