The SS Nomad Crew

A small band of independent merchant/mercenaries trying to get by in the Frontier. This encounter can take place in any Frontier system.

SS Nomad
Trans Travel TT5050 "Atlantic" Class Freighter

HS:5  HP:25  PowerPlant: 4 Atomic B
ADF:4  MR:3  DCR:35  Crew:up to 8
Armament: LB 
Defenses: RH
Communications/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom (3 master panels, speaker/mike in each station/cabin/chamber)
Misc Equipment: Cargo Arm, Universal AirDock

(LVL:4 fp:171 SP:100)
Alarm (4) 
Analysis (4) 
Astrogation (4) 
Commerce (1) 
Communication (1) 
Damage Control (4) 
Drive - Atomic B (5) 
Industry (1) 
Information Storage (1)
Laser Battery (1)
Life Support cap:16 (1) 
Maintenance (4)

Cargo Capacity:5
Crew Accomodations: Captain's Suite (double occupancy possible), Crew Cabin w/2 triple bunks
Passenger Accomodations: 1 First Class Cabin, 2 Journey Class Cabins (all double occupancy)
Ship's Vehicles: lifeboat, 2 workpods

LifeBoat is atmospheric capable and used as a shuttle. It can carry two at the helm and six passengers along with 5 metric tons worth of cargo.

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Alistair Kane (mH)


Cassy Dyne (fH)


Kyle McGinty (mH)


Drusilla (fV)


Kisan (mY)