TSC Magdalina Crew

The SS Magdalina is a privateer operating under Pale's government charter under the guise of a courier vessel. While her crew typically steers clear of civilian and military affairs, they are loyal to Streel and as such prone to harass Pan Galactic vessels and operations or any outfits known to contract or sub-contract under PGC.

The ship regularly plies the travel routes connecting with Truane's Star and can be encountered there along with Zebulon or Dixon's Star, with occasional sightings in Prenglar. It should be noted that the crew ultimately desires going independent, but will not do so in any manner that breaks contract. A suitable small craft impounded from PGC could fit such a bill...

TSC Magdalina - HS:2 courier (privateer)

"Salty" Shelton Cromwell - (mH) captain, co-pilot/forward gunnery assist 

Jarmin "Grumpy" Zell - (mH) pilot/PR

"Bitter" Ione Alabaster - (fH) astrogator/turret gunner

Brock Hawkins - (mH) engineer