Katie Halifax crew

The SS Katie Halifax is an independantly owned freight hauler plying the space lanes and can be encountered in any Frontier system. Her owners have relocated the radar and chin battery for a more effective arrangement, and added a tail battery as well. Each battery is (still) restricted, albeit with a 180º field of fire (fore and aft respectively), but any target presenting itself flanking perpendicular to the craft can be targeted by both weapons.
customized East Indiaman class freighter

HS:10 HP:50 Powerplant: 3 atomic B
ADF:3 MR:3 DCR:50
Weaponry: LB(x2)
Defense: RH
Communication & Detection: Radar, SubSpace Radio
Misc: Skin Sensors, External Camera System (full), Intercom Network
Alarm(3), Analysis(4), Astrogation(4), Bureaucracy(3), Commerce(1), Communication(1), Computer Lock-out(3), Computer Security(4), Damage Control(3), Drive-Atomic B(5), Industry(1), Installation Security(3), Laser Battery(1)x2, Life Support-cap:18(1)x2, Maintenance(3), Robot Management(4), Transportation(1)
Crew Accomodations: 8 single cabins*, 4 double cabins, 1 captain suite
Cargo Capacity:9

4 reserved for cargo security when needed

Riley Vossler - (mH) captain/owner
T'rki-D'jit - (mV) pilot
Gwenyth Coslett - (fI) astrogator
Gunther Stier - (mH) engineer
Osirys = (mD) roboticist/aux engineer
"Furious" Jeorj - (mY) gunner
Grawahrr - (mY) gunner
"Soren" - (mH) hired gun
Miyazaki Ayuko - (fH) medic/environmentalist
Pancho Madrigal - (mH) steward