Inspired by the Cover

Name Zac Quasar
Race Human (Caucasian)
Handedness Right
Sex Male
Age: 33
Ht: 1.9m
Wt: 80kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

STR/STA: 50/55
DEX/RS: 65/60
INT/LOG: 55/50
PER/LDR: 55/55
IM: 6
PS: 3
RW: 34
MW: 34
Racial Abilities: none

Weapons: Laser Pistol/Rifle w/Power Backpack

Defenses: Skeinsuit, Albedo screen w/Power Beltpack

Other Equipment:

Skills: [Note: Uses “A Skilled Frontier” rules]
PSA: Military
SSA: Pilot, Scout
Significant Skills: Beam Weapons (3), Ground Vehicles (2), Survival (2)

History:  Zac's full legal identity is Zachary Thomas Quasirian.  Born into a UPF military family, he grew up in and around Landfleet bases across the Frontier.  It was only natural that Zac would “follow in the family business”, and he entered Landfleet's OCS as soon as he was eligible after school, graduating as a Lieutenant.  

His career however, turned out to be shorter than he expected.  Zac uncovered a conspiracy within his unit's  quartermaster corps to divert equipment and resources to the Star Devil pirate clan.  Zac did his duty and reported the matter to his superiors, who promptly 1) overhauled the staffing of the QC, and 2) cashiered Zac.  He also received word that his family could be at risk.  Reading the way the wind was blowing, Zac set out on his own, making his way as a hired gun and general adventurer.

Personality: Zac is understandably bitter about losing his military career.  It opened his eyes to the not-so-shiny aspects of life in the Frontier, and has made him more than a little cynical.  Nonetheless, Zac retains a great deal of his sense of duty and is generally a decent person.  He just has to be talked into it from time to time (usually by Gemma).

Name: Gemma Lane
Race: Human (Caucasian)
Handedness: Right
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Ht: 1.75m
Wt: 60kg
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Eyes: Blue

STR/STA: 45/45
DEX/RS: 60/50
INT/LOG: 45/45
PER/LDR: 50/45
IM: 5
PS: 3
RW: 30
MW: 30
Racial Abilities: none

Weapons: Laser Pistol/Rifle + 5 powerclips

Defenses: Skeinsuit

Other Equipment:Toolkit

Skills: [Note: Uses “A Skilled Frontier” rules]
PSA: Tech
SSA: Scholar, Military
Significant Skills: Technician (3), Beam Weapons (2), Merchant (2)

History:  Gemma Lane grew up as a Merchant's daughter.  She learned the skills of the trade at her father's knee.  She also showed an aptitude for fixing machinery when it broke down, always a good skill to have for a budget-conscious family.  

Her generally happy family ended the night raiders attacked the border world they called home.  Gemma was the only survivor, and left only with enough resources to barter her way to one of the central planets.  With very little else she could do, she used her skills as a mechanic to eke out a living.  One day, she found herself being accosted by a local gang, only to be rescued by a passing stranger named Zac.  Since then, she has found herself rocketing from one adventure to another with him, picking up several other companions along the way.

Personality:  Gemma misses her family, even after all the time that has passed.  She maintains a “good ol' girl” demeanor most of the time to cover it.  She also has a strong sense of right and wrong that sometimes gets her (and the others) into trouble.

Gemma is extremely grateful to Zac for saving her from the thugs.  She could fall in love with him if she let herself, but deep down inside is unwilling to risk the pain of allowing herself to get too close to anyone only to lose them again.  Her best friend in the group is probably Yk.
Name: Burundi
Race: Yazirian
Handedness: Right
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Ht: 1.9m
Wt: 45kg
Hair: Brown fur
Eyes: Black

STR/STA: 40/40
DEX/RS: 70/70
INT/LOG: 55/55
PER/LDR: 45/45
IM: 7
PS: 2
RW: 35
MW: 35
Racial Abilities: Night Vision, Gliding, Battle Rage

Weapons: Gyrojet Rifle + 5 jetclips

Defenses: none

Other Equipment:

Skills: [Note: Uses “A Skilled Frontier” rules]
PSA: Military
SSA: Agent, Scout
Significant Skills: Gyrojet Weapons (3), Hand to Hand/Melee (2), Stealth (2)


Personality:  Burundi likes to fight.  There's nothing like a good scrap to get the blood going.   Which is fortunate, because as a relatively small Yazirian, he frequently found himself on the wrong end of the boisterous social order of his society.  So he decided to see what the rest of the Frontier had to offer.

Burundi has something of a crush on Gemma.  In his eyes she's the embodiment of a strong, confident female.  If only she weren't so hairless.  

Occasionally, he gets a little jealous of the obliviously close relationship between Gemma and Zac.

Name: Dursend
Race: Draalasite
Handedness: Left
Sex: Male phase
Age: 37
Ht: 1.3m
Wt: 65kg
Hair: N/A
Eyes: N/A

STR/STA: 65/65
DEX/RS: 45/45
INT/LOG: 50/40
PER/LDR: 55/55
IM: 5
PS: 4
RW: 23
MW: 33
Racial Abilities: Elasticity, Lie Detection

Weapons: none

Defenses: Albedo Suit, Inertia screen w/Power Backpack

Other Equipment: Robocom Kit

Skills: [Note: Uses “A Skilled Frontier” rules]
PSA: Tech
SSA: Scholar, Scientist
Significant Skills: Computers (3), Robotics (3), Psycho-Social (2)


Personality:  Dursend is, simply put, a bit of a geek.  He likes his orderly little world of circuits and programs much better than the messy world his companions seem to prefer.  His primary motivation for even agreeing to be drug along on the group's various adventures is the chance to test his skills against whatever challenges come their way.  Or as he likes to put it: “to seek out new tech, and new program iterations...”

Fighting makes Dursend very nervous, at least any fighting he's in the middle of himself.  Programming a bot or remote weapon to do it for him?  That he has no problem with.

Name: Yk'Kra'Nik
Race: Vrusk (grey-green carapace)
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Ht: 1.5m
Wt: 85kg
Hair: N/A
Eyes: black, segmented

STR/STA: 50/55
DEX/RS: 55/55
INT/LOG: 65/65
PER/LDR: 55/50
IM: 6
PS: 3
RW: 28
MW: 28
Racial Abilities:  Ambidexterity, Comprehension

Weapons: Needler Pistol +5 clips

Defenses: Skeinsuit

Other Equipment: Medkit, Envirokit

Skills: [Note: Uses “A Skilled Frontier” rules]
PSA: Scientist
SSA: Scholar, Artist
Significant Skills: Medic (3), Environmental (2), Xenolinguistics (2), Holography (2), Projectile Weapons (1)


Personality:  Yk is devoted to her search for knowledge, be it medical, environmental, or that of language.  She is calm and dependable in a crisis.  If she has a weakness at all psychologically, it is that she simply will not kill.  She considers killing a waste of potential all around.  After all, who knows what some new person or society might have to teach her?  She will use a non-lethal weapon like a needler with sleep drugs, or a doze grenade, etc to defend herself, but nothing more damaging than that.

She is close friends with Gemma, who seems to like her un-excitable nature.