Royal Mounted Constabulary

The Royal Clarion Mounted Constables are an organization with planet wide police powers. The RCMC maintain an office that is tasked with nothing but investigating the LF, Streel, and the assassination of King Leotus. This office was responsible for the investigation that led to a 12 year legal battle, forcing Streel to pay compensation to the Crown (for ships lost) and to the crews and or their surviving families after the battle of Planaron. This victory is a sore spot with Streel and the vursk trade house that was Streel's legal team was sacked.

RMC Crest
Motto:Fidelitas, Veneratis, Birtus (Loyalty, Honor, Valor)

The Royal Mounted Constabulary dates back to the founding of the monarchy on Clarion. Its role has been as the planet wide "federal" police force. In the early days they kept the peace over wide tracts of sparsely populated districts using live mounts.

As the planet has grown to be a heavily populated world the methods of the RMC have grown and evolved to meet changing needs including the introduction of the first robotic steeds in the Frontier. Today some of the areas os Clarion are still patrolled by "Mounties" on live and robotic mounts yet the RMC is a modern police force every bit the equal to even the Star Law Rangers.