Dark Shadow's Revenge!


The SS Dark Shadow was utilized to undermine Clarion's government, her crew had been smuggling weapons that have undoubtedly fallen into the hands of the Clarion Liberation Party and the Planaron pirates, not to mention others seeking to usurp the Crown. During the capture it was discovered that her crew had been operating under a Streel contract. The vessel is now safely in the hands of the Clarion Royal Marines and her crew is slated for what should be a short yet swift trial. However, the Crown has intentionally withheld information about the capture to the public and for good reason: it is time to deal a crippling blow once and for all so that Streel may finally understand just how sincere Clarion's government is concerning their Demilitarization Act that the mega-corp has so blatantly ignored.

To this end several undercover agents have been operating with holoscreens and voice modulators, having visited the Streel office on Clarion Station in order to prolong this coup d'etat. These agents have learned the source of the Dark Shadow's supplier in Streel's office aboard Triad Station in Cassidine. The players' mission will be to take the Dark Shadow back to Triad and put an end to this operation. Since this is an "off the books" mission, the implication here is assassination although capture is certainly preferred. If the party is captured the Crown will not admit to having any involvement in this act and will go so far as to claim the party went AWOL and broke the Shadow out of quarantine for their own motives.

The captured crew of the Dark Shadow was originally comprised of the following:

Captain Lucius Strewt (mH), pilot
1st Mate Maggar Broub (mY), engineer
Cereeze K'zoot (fV), astrogator
No'zan Z'keem (mV), gunner
Four male humans were also registered among the crew as "enforcers".

Ideally the CRM roster should echo this as closely as possible, at least with the four officers. Each of the four officer impersonators will be issued a holoscreen programmed for each corresponding officer and a power beltpack to help with their mission. The enforcers can always be replaced by what ever remaining members that make up the party. If there are no members matching the descriptions of the officers they can always be appointed from the CRM roster (such as the vruskan officers of the CMS Wasp for example). The Dark Shadow can accommodate up to ten beings with its life support. However the final roster is, the player impersonating Strewt will have to report the new crew to the Streel office (requiring the 80% chance for success with the holoscreen since it is a new user along with an LDR check, however if the initial agent is utilized for such reporting prior to launch he will gain an automatic success. If a PC fails the agent can renegotiate a meeting in two weeks that will be successful). The person protraying Strewt will also need to make arrangements for another meet with the supplier for a new cargo at this time, which sets the stage for this adventure.


The Dark Shadow will have to make two jumps, one from White Light to Timeon and the second from Timeon to Cassidine. The drives will require an overhaul once they are in Cassidine. Neither system has a planetary militia, although Cassidine is home port to one of the Spacefleet Task Forces so caution must be exercised there. After all, for all intents and purposes this is an illegal mission that the Crown is not publicly backing, the last thing the party wants is to be caught in possession of a craft that is not theirs under the guise of the former crew! 

The specifications of the Dark Shadow follow (although they are not necessarily needed as the ship is not expected to fall into any combat map encounters unless the crew so opts):

HS: 5   HP: 25   Powerplant: 2 Streel "Big Bang" atomic class B
ADF: 4  MR: 2  DCR: 35   Crew: 4
Armament: LB (concealed, takes one combat turn to deploy)
Defenses: RH
Communication/Detection: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, Radar,  Intercom
Misc Equipment: Camera System, Skin Sensors

Computer (Lv-4, 134fp, 100SP)

Alarm(2), Analysis(4), Astrogation(4), Commerce(1), Computer Security(4), Damage Control(2), Drive(5), Industry(1), Laser Battery(1), Life Support(1, capacity:10), Maintenance(2)

Cargo Capacity: 4
Crew Accommodations: 2 convertible single/double cabins, one quad cabin
Passenger Accommodations: n/a
Ship's Vehicles: small launch

Use the small freighter deck plans from the WoWL module inside cover to represent the Shadow. The original owners upgraded the drives to"Big Bang" models (which is Streel's answer to PanGalactic's "Eureka" drives mentioned in Dramune Run that allow for additional acceleration) as the addition of a laser battery took a hit on performance. As such the ship is not as maneuverable as a standard class:5 freighter, but the extra acceleration certainly makes up for it. In a perfect world they would have added fore & stern Pod Lasers to retain stock maneuverability and cargo space, but that technology was not available when the Shadow was designed. The party would be wise to activate their holoscreens for any and all encounters, and the ship's power relay station (adjacent to the elevator on deck 3) has recharging equipment for powerpacks and parabatteries.


While in Timeon the Dark Shadow's radar lights up as the crew is preparing for the next jump. The ship is in deep space and a size:10 craft is approaching. The inbound craft is hailing the Dark Shadow, wishing to speak with Captain Strewt. They have identified themselves as the MalCo Ship "Nightshade" and wish to board for a friendly meet & greet, the Nightshade's captain Dablak states he has heard of the Dark Shadow crew's accomplishments and would like to discuss a business proposal.

If the party wishes to fight, the Nightshade's specifications are as follows:

HS: 10   HP: 50   Powerplant: 4 atomic class B
ADF: 3  MR: 2  DCR: 50   Crew: 10
Armament: LB(x2)
Defenses: RH, MS(x2)

It will be easy to outrun the Nightshade, however do not allow the craft to be captured or destroyed as it is needed in future module SF/KH:1 Dramune Run. If the Dark Shadow crew accepts the boarding, the following beings will enter with weapons slung and hands/pseudopods in plain sight:

Dablak the Enforcer (mD)
RW:70, M:60, PS:3, IM:3 RS:30, STA:70
Laser Rifle w/Power BackPack, Electric Sword, Skeinsuit w/Albedo Screen; black sable cloak

Four Yazirians (all male)
RW:60, M:60, PS:3, IM:5, RS:45, STA:45
two w/laser rifles & 4 powerclips, Skeinsuit & Albedo Screens
two w/gyrojet rifles & 4 jetclips, Albedo Suits w/Inertia Screens

If received Dablak will sit down with "Strewt" in the ship's recreation area (deck 3) and offer employment with MalCo Enterprises, stating that the Shadow's crew has gained a reputation for smuggling and that is just the niche that MalCo is looking to fill these days. Dablak will offer a boarding pass and one complimentary week of docking with no expiration date at Darkworld Station (Outer R,each Dramune) should the crew wish to proceed. If a fight breaks out, allow Dablak to escape as the four yazirians cover as he is also needed for the future module (Dramune Run). While unknown to the party, none of the MalCo representatives have ever met the Dark Shadow crew so if they are not utilizing their holoscreens it will not matter...but most likely the party will wish to activate them anyways.

Note that this encounter is not necessary for any Clarion adventures as MalCo is not conducting any illicit trade with Clarion, but it does serve to establish the platform for the module that follows...should the players participate in the future module they will certainly recognize Dablak and the Nightshade when they are encountered during that adventure.


Once the Dark Shadow arrives in Cassidine it is to rendezvous with the SCS (Streel Corporation Ship) Provisioner, a size:12 freight hauler currently under the command of Quintzee Thrum. Thrum is the Streel agent that has been supplying the Dark Shadow with contraband destined for Clarion. The Provisioner has been slated for one more meeting in what should be the final encounter, if all goes well...

Whether the party opts to perform the overhauls before or after the meeting with the Provisioner does not impact game play, however it should be noted that they arrive early and will have sufficient time to do so prior to the rendevous.

Thrum has agreed to meet the Dark Shadow in deep space where they are least likely to be interrupted while they transfer the next cargo: a generous supply of armored hover transports. The transports themselves are destined for Clarion's Liberation Party, and while not being illegal themselves there is also a cache of automatic rifles that have been concealed under each transport's array of hoverfans. As such these weapons should be difficult to discover by an inspection team since the craft will be grounded (unless in zero grav, they are too heavy to lift to view the undercarriages and without parabatteries they can not be activated into hover mode). Four cargo units worth of transports are ready for transfer to the Dark Shadow's hold.

Once the airlocks have been joined the two crews may mingle freely. The capture/killing of Thrum can occur at any point the party chooses, although it behooves them to allow the Provisioner crew to assist with loading the transports first as their ship has a cargo arm (equipment that the Dark Shadow lacks). It should be noted that Thrum has encountered the four officers from the Dark Shadow on numerous occasions so the party will have to pass their holoscreen checks as they meet him. Once they pass this check they can interact freely with Thrum. However, if Thrum finds anything odd about any of the four officers things can turn for the worse quickly.

Use the larger freighter deck plan from the WoWL module inner cover to represent the Provisioner. If for whatever reason a board game encounter breaks out (surviving crew members attempt to pursue the Shadow after Thrum is captured/killed, or if they simply have to retreat due to bad luck/planning, etc), the Provisioner's specifications are as follows:

HS: 12   HP: 60   Powerplant: 4 atomic class B
ADF: 3  MR: 3  DCR: 56   Crew: up to 12
Armament: LB(x2)
Defenses: RH

The Provisioner crew is as follows:

Quintzee Thrum (mY)
STR/STA 50/60
DEX/RS  60/60
INT/LOG 50/50
PER/LDR 40/50
Battle Rage:20%, projectile lv-5 melee lv-4 computer lv-3 technician lv-2
RW:80 M:70 IM:6 RS:60 STA:60
Dual barrel Automatic Pistol* w/2 bulletclips, four spare bulletclips, Sonic Sword w/powerclip, Skeinsuit w/Albedo Screen. Thrum keeps a machine gun and two belts of ammunition stowed in his cabin (A, shared with the two pilots below).

*3kg, double damage, double ammo capacity, double encumbrance...all other stats as per AD rules

Cassy Harper (fH), pilot (lv-4)
RW:60 M:60 IM:5 RS:50 STA:50
Electrostunner w/powerclip, Albedosuit w/Inertia Screen. Cassy stows a sonic disruptor and power beltpack in her cabin (A).

Oogli (mD), co-pilot (lv-3)
RW:50 M:70 IM:5 RS:50 STA:70
Gyrojet pistol w/jetclip, stunstick w/powerclip, skeinsuit w/inertia screen

K'armas (mV), astrogator (lv-3)
RW:55 M:58 IM:5 RS:50 STA:55
Laser Pistol w/powerclip, nightstick. K'armas has a lv-1 portable computer stowed in Cabin B (shared with the engineer and security officer F'sir below), it has the following programs loaded: Analysis(lv-3), Information Storage(lv-1), and Robot Management(lv-2). She can use it to independently coordinate the ship's combat robot outside of its normal programming.

Z'armas (mV), engineer (lv-4)
RW:55 M:58 IM:5 RS:50 STA:55
Laser Pistol w/powerclip, nightstick. Z'amas keeps a RobComKit and TechKit stowed in his cabin.

Mr. Mayer (mH), security director, engineer (lv-3)
Beam lv-5, gyrojet lv-4, melee lv-3, demolition lv-2, thrown lv-1
DEX:80(laser)/70(gyro), M:68 IM:6 RS:60 STA:75
Laser Rifle w/5 powerclips, gyrojet pistol w/2 jetclips, sonic sword, two tangler grenades. Mr. Mayer keeps a heavy laser & power backpack in his cabin (C, shared with the two gunners below).

Gleep Wurp "Eyebiter" (mY), gunner (lv-3) 
Battle Rage:25%
RW:90 M:90 IM:6 RS:60 STA:50
Laser Rifle w/PowerBeltPack, Skeinsuit w/Albedo Screen & separate beltpack, electric sword w/powerclip

Gloop Wurp "Earbiter" (mY), gunner (lv-3) 
Battle Rage:25%
RW:90 M:90 IM:6 RS:60 STA:50
Laser Rifle w/PowerBeltPack, Skeinsuit w/Albedo Screen & separate beltpack, electric sword w/powerclip; each of the Wurp clan brothers keeps a silver plated laser pistol w/black suede holster in their cabin as part of their clan heritage, each pistol/holster combo is worth 1000Cr.

Cotis (mD), security
RW:60 M:60 IM:5 RS:50 STA:60
Gyrojet Rifle w/3 Jetclips, Skeinsuit & Albedo Screen, stunstick. COtis keeps a Grenade Rifle and two each of doze, tangler, & frag bullets in his cabin (D, shared with the human & yazirian security officers below).

Vincent Royce (mH), security
RW:50 M:50 IM:5 RS:5 STA:50
Laser Rifle w/3 powerclips, Albedosuit & Inertia Screen, stunstick. 

F'sir (mV), security
RW:60 M:60 IM:6 RS:60 STA:50
2 Automatic Pistols w/3 bulletclips each, Skeinsuit & Albedo Screen, stunstick

Manik (mY), security
RW:60 M:60 IM:5 RS:50 STA:50
Gyrojet Rifle w/3 bulletclips, Skeinsuit & Albedo Screen, stunstick

LCD-2 "Elsie Dee" (lv-2 Combat Robot), stowed in Lower Bridge Deck storage area when not in use.
Anthropomorphic-vruskan body w/two additional arms, passive electromagnetic feet for zero-G work, two laser rifles each powered by a separate powerbackpack set at 5SEU; type 2 Parabattery.
Programs: Attack/Defense, Search & Destroy, Computer Link
Mission: Seek out and destroy non-Streel corporate beings
Functions: Use Search & Destroy and Attack/Defense programs to neutralize anyone not bearing the Streel logo on their uniform.
MV:150m/turn, STA:100, IM/RS:5/50, ATT:50 DMG: two 5d10 shots/rifle

The pilot, co-pilot, astrogator, engineer, and dralasite security officer all begin the encounter on the Upper Bridge deck (2). The two yazirian gunners, security director, and the yazirian security officer are on the Lower Bridge Deck (3) and any of them may dart into the storage area to activate the combat robot. Thrum meets the group at the airlock of the Crew Deck(4) along with the human and vrusk security officers, the human will stay near the elevator while the vrusk accompanies him and the party in the rec room for the business meeting.

All crew members have a separate power beltpack to enable their defensive screens in addition to any ammunition listed. Naturally each crew member has the Streel logo emblazoned front & back on their uniforms and night shirts. If combat breaks out, crew members with items stowed in their cabins (save for the clan weapons of the yazirian gunners) will attempt to retrieve those items for use against the usurpers. Thrum will attempt to escape either in the launch or one of the two workpods while the security officers will do their best to cover this escape. It should be noted if the party obtains the astrogator's portable computer before she does, it can be used to activate, deactivate, override, and otherwise commandeer the combat robot as the sip's computer lacks a robot management program!

If Thrum escapes the party can easily recover the launch or workpod assuming the Provisioner has been disabled/destroyed. However, if the ship is destroyed they will have to force any information from Thrum once he is recovered, otherwise additional info about Streel can be obtained from the ship's computer. The Dark Shadow crew will have a 100% chance of locating Thrum's escape vehicle (moving at 1 hex/turn in a random direction from the rendevous point, you may roll a d6 to determine which direction it travels) minus 5% for each combat turn after two turns that transpires prior to searching for him...so if five turns are spent fighting the Provisioner than the chance drops to 85%.

The Provisioner's computer (lv-5, 240fp, 300SP) has the following programs: Alarm(4), Analysis(4), Astrogation(4), Cargo Arm(2), Commerce(1), Computer Lock-Out(4), Computer Security(6), Damage Control(4), Drive(5), Industry(1), Installation Security (3), Laser Battery(1) x2, Life Support(1, capacity:12), Maintenance(4)

Note that the cargo arm program applies only if the cargo arm is operated at the terminal in the hold, it can be overridden by the Industry program and/or remotely operated at either bridge deck. The mainframe is located on the Upper Bridge deck (2), additional terminal panels are located at each of the three duty stations on the Lower Bridge deck (3) as well as one more on in the work shop of the Maintenance deck (5). If Thrum manages to escape and the party can overtake the Provisioner, then they can still discover the nature of the operation via the ship's computer.

The Dark Shadow crew will not be skilled enough to commandeer the Provisioner, they can leave it adrift or hulk it but they can certainly help themselves to anything of value within. Whether they obtain it by interrogation or via the ship's computer, it will be discerned that Thrum has been operating outside of Streel's interests when it comes to supplying weaponry to Clarion's enemies. Thrum's contact in Streel's Clarion Station office is also part of the operation. Capturing and/or eliminating him will put an end to all that have been involved in this usurpation. If pressed, higher operatives of Streel will deny knowledge of the operation and even claim they have been searching for the mole that caused their ban on Clarion. If this can be proven to be true, stopping this operation could have a positive effect on Clarion/Streel relations.


If it hasn't been performed yet, the Dark Shadow crew will have to overhaul her drives before returning home with the intel and contraband cargo (both of which the vehicles and weaponry can easily be appropriated for Clarion's ground forces). This operation will go off without a hitch. However, once the ship arrives in Timeon it will encounter a pair of pirate vessels that have happened upon the lone vessel. The ships are operating under the Star Devil's charter and will attack mercilessly, offering no quarter. Fortunately the ships aren't overly challenging to the Dark Shadow, specifications are as follows:

Armed Freighter
HS: 8   HP: 40   Powerplant: 3 atomic class B
ADF: 3  MR: 3  DCR: 44   Crew: up to 16
Armament: LB(x2)
Defenses: RH

Gunned Scout Ship
HS: 3   HP: 15   Powerplant: 2 atomic class A
ADF: 4  MR: 4  DCR: 29   Crew: up to 12
Armament: PL*, LB
Defenses: RH

* Pod Laser - as detailed in Polyhedron #19

While the pirate freighter can be easily evaded, the scout ship will have to be dispatched before the Shadow can escape. As long as they can avoid the punch from the scout's weaponry this should be relatively simple. Once free of the pirate menace, the rest of the journey home will be eventless.


All characters that have successfully completed this mission are eligible for a base 2-4 experience points each depending on participation. This base will be doubled if the party captured Thrum alive. Award one bonus XP for each player if they gleaned info about MalCo Enterprises as this is an operation that the Crown can keep an eye out for, and one more XP per player if they discover that Thrum and the Clarion Station contact are the sole masterminds of the operation. Award one bonus point if the Strewt impersonator was a party member that went to the Streel office on Clarion Station to arrange the meeting with Thrum. If Thrum escapes then experience points are halved at 1-2 per player depending on participation (plus any applicable bonuses).

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