Author's Note

The following material may not conform to what is considered canon Star Frontiers material. This is intentional as ideas for the adventure arose out of fan material developed for the Star Frontiersman fan zine. Game referees desiring to confrom to the canon material should have little trouble making changes to the background to suit their purposes.

The adventure portrays an early mission of the Clarion Royal Marines set at a time prior to the standard Star Frontiers game setting. The available equipment has been limited or changed to reflect time period.

The adventure is written from the perspective that the player characters will be Royal Marines. It is also possible that, with work on the referee's part, that they could easily be vrusk employees of the Naar Conglomerate or concerned humans citizens of Kdikit opposing the attrocities.

Seeing as how the Assault scout is later in time the following is a list of potential ships for the militia to use as small patrol vessels.

Also the Thruster Class from the Dragon article HS 2 with assault rockets. perhaps this vessel upgunned with 2x pod lasers in FF configuration.

I'm partial to a militarized version of the PGC-291M  cargo courier with an assault rocket or two shoe-horned in. maybe the LB swapped out for a pod laser turret.