Mercy Mission to K'tsa-Kar Intro

After the Free World Rebellion and the vrusk refugees were evacuated to K'tsa-Kar. A humanitarian crisis developed at K'tsa-Kar as there was not enough food or supplies. The fledgeling UPF was had been rapidly building up Space Fleet but that organization was still small and inexperienced. At this time in history, the Royal Marines still represented the elite naval force in the Frontier.

The UPF was organizing a relief mission to be sent from Cassidine to K'tsa-Kar with industrial and food supplies to relieve the refugee sitation of the disposessed vrusk. However, rising pirate activity in Dramune and Cassidine threatened this effort and a new Space Fleet friage (UPFS Dridia) was serverely damaged in an encounter with pirates just monthes after its first deployment and had been sent back to the  SSC in Cassidine for major repairs and refit. 

News outlets like FNN reported that the pirates escaped after damaging the new Space Fleet frigate but the turth is the Space Fleet vessel was ambushed and was lucky to survive. There is little doubt that the shipyard in Cassidine could put the UPFS Driadia back in service to escort the relief convoy to K'tsa-Kar but the delay could mean a loss of life for the vrusk refugees. Luckily the CMS _____________ just happened to be finished by the Cassidine shipyard as her new Royal Marine crew arrived to pick her up for her space trials. With the situation being so dire for the vrusk refugees the CMS _________ was given a muster activation and assigned the relief convey mission.