Starhunter Race File: the Ornestre

The ornestre are a divided race from a dual planet in the Ornestarra system; the orn, from the inner planet of Orn Tava, and the estre from the outer planet of Riga Erest. These two worlds orbit a common gravity point in space, and the two peoples, for all their similarities, have developed as two feuding cultures over the millenia since their separation.

Description: An ornestre is a tall being, standing bipedal at 2 meters. They have sharp features, bright feathery crests and beaked mouths. Their eyes sit bi-focally on their wedge-like heads which sits atop a craning neck. Ornestre are slender of form, and have digitigrade legs, with taloned feet. Their hands and feet are four fingered; one opposable thumb with three other long digits.

Pesonality: Both the orn and the estre are proud, arrogant and elitist. They believe in the superiority of the race, and consider the other a debased, barbarian species. Other races beyond the ornestre they evaluate from the view that their own race is superior, but realize the necessity of cooperation with these outsiders. Outside of this racism, the ornestre are artistic and fond of beauty.

Homeworld: As noted, the twin worlds of Orn Tava and Riga Erest revolve around each other, in the Ornestarra system. Both worlds are large, lushly vegetated planets, though Orn Tava has larger seas and Riga Erest is generally more tectonically active. Large fauna roam throughout both planets, many native to both worlds.

Language: As can be expected, the two cultures speak differing languages, with many dialects and variations. Orn speak Orn, estre speak Estran; the two are related but different enough that one would need to speak both languages to communicate with each group.

Sample Names: Gasaray, Heen Assel, Horeekee, Kassel Crilisst, Krisil Keeva, Leosyn Fida, Ni Geyos, Pargenas, Tissel Shind, Wa Thee’ad.

Child 1-14; Adolescent 15-28; Adult 29-42; Middle Age 43-56; Elderly 57-70; Old 70-84; Venerable 85+.

Racial Traits:
+2 WIS, +2 CHA, -2 CON; Ornestre are willful, and attractive, but somewhat frail.
Medium size.
Speed: 10 meters.
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Any Craft or Perform).
Racial Enmity: Orn and estre consider each other inferior, and must take a -4 penalty on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information and Perform checks when dealing with the opposing race.
Grace: Ornestre are graceful beings, and receive a +2 racial bonus to Reflex saves.
Crafty: Due to the nature of their racial feuding, ornestre have become quite adept negotiators. All ornestre receive a +2 racial bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Sense Motive skill checks.
Automatic Languages: Orn or Estran, depending on the culture of the ornestre.
Bonus Languages: Orn or Estran, though most would never divulge this to the opposing race. Other languages include Pan-Gal and Vrusk.