Starhunter Race File: the Lantari

The lantari are a bipedal humanoid races from the frigid world of Lanta. Lanta was once home to another, lost race, who left once their world began to die; the lanari evolved quickly to become the new masters of a dying world. They have mastered their harsh environment and persevered.

Description: A lantari stands roughly 1.3 m tall, with a bipedal stance. Lantari are covered with short, thick fur, multi-layered in shades of white, gray and black. They have large, broad feet and hands, both of which are clawed. Lantari have broad, flat faces with small, dark eyes. The skin of lantari, visible only on the exposed face, palms and soles, is dark and leathery. Lantari usually wear no clothing, save perhaps a belt, vest or pack for carrying supplies and equipment.

Personality: Lantari are generally honest, dedicated and methodical. They are intelligent and reasonable, although somewhat predictable and not very creative. Lantari society is clannish, with several extended family units who generally all practice a single trade. This skill specialization has ensured that all clans must work together. Oaths and cooperation, as well as clan pride, all sit importantly on the lanari mind. As such, one can expect honesty and good-intentions in most all dealings with a lantari.

Homeworld: Lantari hail from Lanta, a frigid world orbiting a dying sun. While the lantari have mastered solar and geo-thermal technologies to keep their society running, their world is doomed to eventual death from lack of solar energy. To this end, the race has dedicated their collective efforts to escalating their space technology, so that they might be able to relocate to a more habitable world.

Language: The lantari speak Lanta, with a few clan dialects. The ancient race that once ruled Lanta has left behind many relics of their civilization, and their language, Lantari, is also known, though it is considered a “dead” language, useful only in certain academic circles. Lantari is unrelated to Lanta.

Sample Names: Brogga Etan, Ebrin Talm, Garath Korr, Gredda Kaavis, Gussoff Yarroi, Hedreg Chom, Oronta Trox, Skona Makdar, Trugga Stal, Uskal Tavis.

Age: Child 1-8; Adolescent 9-16; Adult 17-24; Middle Age 25-32; Elderly 33-40; Old 41-48; Venerable 49+.

Racial Traits:
+2 CON, +2 WIS, -2 STR, -2 DEX; lanari are hardy and attentive, though they lack both strength and manual dexterity.
Medium size.
Speed: 8 meters.
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Any Craft or Profession).
Cold Adapted: Lantari never have to make Fortitude saves to avoid taking non-lethal damage from severe cold environments, although they must take a -4 racial penalty to such saves in extreme heat. Sources of cold damage still affect lanari normally.
Strong-Willed: Lantari have focused minds, giving them a +1 bonus on Will saves.
Low-light Vision: Lanari eyes have adapted to the lessened light of their homeworld, and generally see twice as far as a human in lighted conditions.
Natural Weapons: Lantari claws are sufficient to be used as natural weapons. Lanari characters gain a claw attack, which does not provoke attacks of opportunity, dealing 1d6 plus STR modifier in damage.
Automatic Language: Lanta.
Bonus Languages: Lantari. Lantari have limited, though growing, contact with other races, but can learn other languages as easily as any other.
PL 5: The lanari are not as technologically advanced as most of the Frontier.

Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Statistics:

Adjustments: -5 DEX/RS, +5 INT/LOG.  Average Ability Scores:

STR/STA  45/45  DEX/RS  40/40  INT/LOG  50/50  PER/LDR 45/45

Special Abilities:

Cold-adapted: Lantari are at home in cold environments, and need not worry about extreme cold environments.  Hot environments are problematic for them, however, and a lantari must make a current STA check every hour or take 5 points of STA damage.  Weapons that cause cold damage or the cold of space still affect lantari normally.

Natural weapons: Lantari have very sharp claws with which they can strike opponents, dealing 1d4 points of damage in addition to their Punching Score.  Lantari can only make one such attack per turn.  The Martial Arts skill can be used in conjunction with this attack form.