Starhunter Race File: the Gengangi

The gengangi are an intellectual, philosophical race. Cultured and suited to scholarly pursuits, gengangi are known for their knowledge and insight. Gengangi are also spiritual and practice a number of different religions.

Description: Gengangi stand an average of 2 meters tall on two large, muscular bird-like legs. They have much shorter arms, turned in toward the torso, that end in four equally opposable long digits. Atop a very long neck rests the gengangi’s head, a somewhat bulky wedge with two large eyes and a small beak-like mouth. The overall image is something like a human-ostrich hybrid. Gengangi skin ranges from pale pink to golden tan. Feather-like hair on the gengangi’s head ranges from blue-black to iridescent green.

Personality: Gengangi enjoy a variety of intellectual pursuits, and are great admirers of culture and learning. They are peaceful, polite and refined, but will fight if sufficiently threatened. Religion is important in gengangi society, and a number of faiths are followed. Although there is occasional friction between differing faiths, gengangi generally find an intellectual solution to the problem. Gengangi enjoy encountering other cultures and ideas, and are often employed by other races as arbiters due to their knowledge and wisdom.

Homeworld: Gengangi hail from Geng, an arboreal world in the Tanag system. The gengangi have long worked to keep their environment clean, and have achieved a balance of technology and nature.
Language: Many languages are native to Geng, and most gengangi speak several dialects. A universal polyglot gengangi language exists, Ungalga, and all but the most isolated gengangi speak this as well.
Sample Names: Churra Beyl, Cligun Vaas, Deskal Ulgan, Greppa Lem, Inchiri Laagun, Keppor Talm, Minkou Gayl, Palga Sun, Rungor Talg, Tigona Raas.
Age: Child 1-12; Adolescent 13-22; Young Adult 23-34; Adult 35-64; Middle Age 65-94; Old 95-119; Venerable 120+.
Racial Traits:

+2 INT, +2 WIS, -2 STR, -2 CON; intellectually superior, the gengangi weak and frail.
Medium Size.
Speed: 10 meters.
Bonus Feat: Educated.
Automatic Langauges: Ungalga.
Bonus Languages: any.