Starhunter Race File: the Dralasites


Long ago on the ocean world of Calboran, one species did something no other race could; they built and used a tool, a simple pickaxe. From these humble beginnings, the dralasite race devised more and better tools, and eventually the high technology that allowed that allowed them to travel to other worlds.

An aquatic race, the dralasites never mastered fire; they never needed to, however. The oceans of Calboran have a high concentration of ferrous salts, which has resulted in nodes of magnetic energy and naturally occurring electro-magnetic events. Undersea geo-thermal vents have provided sources of high heat, and tidal forces have yielded even more energy. Dralasite technology uses sonic, thermal, magnetic and kinetic energies. Their aquatic nature requires them to stay immersed in their ferric seawater, which makes their ships vast globes of water surrounded by fields of force. They must wear special environment suits off-world or outside of their ships, and they require worlds with large seas and oceans (which often must be “seeded” with appropriate nutrients to provide the proper habitats.

The first major contact the dralasites had beyond the Dralos system (of which Calboran is the second planet) was the mallorean race. The two races found immediate comraderie with their mutual respect for the ecology and the responsible use of technology. The two races soon explored further, and settled more planets, brining in other races and teaching them the guiding principles of the Eco-Tech Coalition.

Some of the technologies and processes developed early by the dralasites were found to be disastrous to the environment. The dralasites soon realized their environment was too fragile to continue such destructive behaviors. Other work was too difficult or too dangerous for the dralasites themselves to do. So the dralasite scientists devised new methods, and new technologies. Chief among these was genetic engineering. Rather than alter the dralasite genome, the geneticists turned to the other sea creatures, increasing natural abilities such as strength, tolerance to heat or the ability to breathe air and thus operate on land. To this day, there are numerous creatures and “living machines” used by the dralasites. Their greatest achievement would also prove to be their greatest shame - the ixthati.

Seeking a species capable of operating in both the sea and on dry land (as some of their more dangerous endeavors were carried out the few islands of “the world above”) with some autonomy, the dralasite geneticists tinkered around with a species of lungfish that showed at least some slight intelligence. The result was a motile, bipedal race that could be given simple instructions and could survive equally well in air or water. Unfortunately, this worker-race learned quickly, and soon blossomed into full sentience. The dralasite scientists, philosophers and theologians debated fiercely and hotly for many years over the status of these beings, all the while continuing to use them as a slave labor force. Eventually, the “ixthati question” was decided for the dralasites; the ixthati revolted. After a short but terrible war, the ixthati were granted the status of sentience, and all rights as citizens of Calboran. For many ixthati, however, life on Calboran could never be fair or equal. Thousands of ixthati boarded ships, some bound for anywhere, others to find a new home for their people. Even though shamed, relations between the dralasites and ixthati have never been anything better than “polite” at best.

The dralasites of Calboran (and colonies throughout the Eco-tech Coalition) are a circumspect people, conscious of what their actions may impact. Philosophy, science and theology are high pursuits among them, though are those who feel that they should do dangerous and difficult labor in penance for the “sins” of their race. Most of the religions practiced observe cyclic relationships; most often in a life-death-rebirth cycle. Most dralasites also believe in an intangible “way”, much like human Taoism, that ebbs and flows, surrounds and connects, all that exists.