Starhunter Race File: the Byshinti


A diminutive race of nomadic traders, the byshinti are found everywhere there is free trade. They enjoy haggling, perhaps even more than the actual wealth. Decorum, respect and exacting language in business dealings are very important to the byshinti.

Description: Byshinti are small, averaging a mere 1 meter in height. They are slim of build, and generally humanoid. They have wrinkled blue-gray skin, which gives them a wizened appearance. Their bristly hair is pale yellow, white or silver gray, and byshinti eyes are black or blue. Byshinti love to openly display their wealth, and wear the finest clothes they can afford, decked out with as much jewelry they can wear.

Personality: Byshinti are free spirits who wander the galaxy in search of wealth and adventure. Most byshinti are encountered in clans, traveling in their own vessels. As noted above, byshinti enjoy the art of the deal, and while most are honest traders, there are those who would rather swindle others than deal fairly. Byshinti loathe corporate structures, preferring to deal vis-à-vis.

Homeworld: Even the byshinti do not know where their homeworld is, or even its name. They have always (it seems) been spacefarers, and never settle on any planet except under the most dire circumstances. Byshinti do have a legend of a mythical paradise called Shinta, but it isn’t clear if this is an afterlife or an unattainable destination.

Language: Byshinti speak their own language, Bysh, but are well-versed in numerous languages.

Sample Names: Bel Ganoo, Dor Tranda, Fian Choo, Kir Nim, Lai Mar, Min Keeg, Shan Brell, Sien Joo, Xiri Vanta, Zoda Wir.

Age: Child 1-9; Adolescent 10-17; Young Adult 18-24; Adult 25-44; Middle Age 45-64; Old 65-84; Venerable 85+.

Racial Traits:

+2 CHA, -2 STR; byshinti are charming and confident, but physically weak.
Speed: 6 meters.
Small size: due to their size, byshinti get a +1 size bonus to all attack rolls and Defense, as well as a +4 size bonus to Hide skill checks.
+2 racial bonus to all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gamble, Gather Information, and Sense Motive checks; byshinti are expert negotiators.
+2 confidence bonus to all Will saving throws; byshinti are supremely confident.
Natural Linguist: Byshinti learn many languages. Read/Write and Speak Language are always class skills for byshinti. Additionally, byshinti gain 2 extra languages at 1st level.
Automatic Languages: Bysh.
Bonus Languages: any.