Assault Courier

(pf:100 system warship)
HS:3  HP:18  Powerplant: 4 SC-Chemical A
ADF:3  MR:4  DCR:24  Crew: 4-16
Armament: LC(mk1), LT
Defenses: RH
Comm/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom
Misc Equipment: Streamlined, light hull armor, mk:3 fuel tankage


Alarm (4)
Analysis (2) 
Astrogation (2)  
Commerce (1) 
Communication (1) 
Computer Lockout (3)
Damage Control (4) 
Drive - Chem A (1) 
Industry (1) 
Information Storage (1)  
Laser Cannon (1)
Laser Battery (1) 
Life Support cap:16 (1) 
Maintenance (4)

Cargo Capacity: 0.5 
Crew Accomodations: 4 cabin (single or double occupancy), 2 lg cabins (single to quadruple occupancy)
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ship's Vehicles: varies, ground/atmo vehicle bay
Fuel: 92u S-Ox (+2 x 12u ExTanks)
Max Safe Velocity: 24 (+12)



Derived from the tried & true PGC Courier, the SI/C-300 Assault Courier variant is the result of what happens when the Streele, Incorporated military contractors get a hold of the design. Outboard sections flank each side of the craft to which an additional pair of drives have been attached, allowing for a quartet of supercharged Chem-drives which triples the standard Courier's performance ratings. Additional RCS maneuver jets were also added in these new section to increase the nimble nature of these craft. Two more cabins were added in the outboard sections, thereby increasing the possible crew size (these cabins tend to have a pair of bunkbeds to allow for eight troops in addition to the standard crew quarters). Additional flight control equipment is mandated for such performance increases, and this too is packed within these outboard sections. 


The rest of the design retains the original donor ship's features: the lower cargo hold & life support, crew lounge area & galley along with the original four cabins, vehicle bay, engineering bay, and equipment storage attic. These warships were not mass produced, seeing service strictly among the Pale & New Pale militias along with Pan Galactic Conglomerates' Mining Guild (although more than one of the Guild's craft were seized by pirates).