HWIS Planeteer

retro-fitted pre-UPF era scout ship
HS:3 HP:15 Powerplant: 2 Ion A, 4 Chemical A 
ADF:1 (2) MR:4 DCR:24 Crew: up to 4 
Armament: optional LT 
Defenses: optional RH 
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar, Intercom 
Misc: Streamlined


Alarm (6) 
Analysis (4) 
Astrogation (4) 
Commerce (1) 
Computer Lockout (3)
Computer Security (3) 
Damage Control (6) 
Drive, Chemical A (1) 

Drive, Ion A (3)
Information Storage (1)  
Life Support, cap:6 (1) x2 
Maintenance (6)

Cargo Capacity: 0.5 
Crew Accomodations: 2 double occupancy cabins 
Passenger Accomodations: 0 
Ship's Vehicles: varies 
Fuel Tankage: 72u S-Ox (plus two 36u ExTanks), 20K LiqH
Max Speed: 18 (+18) (chemical drive only, unlimited w/Ion)


This Hepplewhite, Inc. scout ship is an old design predating the UPF, this particular sample has been updated with modern conveniences. Hepplewhite has never been shy about spending credits on their business ventures, and the Planeteer is no exception. Utilizing a pre-UPF design, this pricy vessel sports a pair of Ion star drives in addition to a quartet of chemical thrusters to permit planetary landings. The dated decks-parallel is an inconvenience during jump acceleration, the crew needs to be belted in for the entire accel.deceleration phase and can only travel about during zero-G movement via free fall. However once parked on a planetary surface the decks are naturally simple for such duty. This particular vessel crash landed and was discovered by a group of novice adventurers, the sole survivor of the crew being a Yazirian child.

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