light freighter

HS: 3 HP: 15 Powerplant: 2 Chemical A
ADF: 1 MR: 4 DCR: 24 Crew: up to 4
Armament: optional LT @ no penalty
Defenses: optional RH
Communication/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom
Misc. Equipment: streamlined
Fuel: 72u S-Ox (+ 2 x 36u ExTanks)
Speed: 18 (36)


Alarm (2)
Analysis (2)
Astrogation (2)
Commerce (1)
Communication (1)
Damage Control (2)
Drive-Chemical A (1)
Industry (1) 
Life Support, cap:4 (1)
Maintenance (2)

Cargo Capacity: 1.5 (2 x 0.6 main holds, 6 x 0.05 holds)
Crew Accomodations: 2 single cabins, 2 bunks 
Passenger Accomodations: n/a
Ship's Vehicles: 0, bridge module is an escape pod

The ST-3000 is a Streel designed system freight hauler hailing from the first corporate war. These craft ferried supplies between the two civilized planets as well as running supplies to distant mining operations in the system. As the Mining Guild became more aggressive, captains began to upgun these craft at no penalty with a single dorsally mounted laser turret, as such many of these armed light freighters saw extended service as blockade runners.

ST-3000 lower deck (entry amp/crew cabins)

ST-3000 Main Deck (bridge, main holds, crew lounge, cabins, and engineering)

ST-3000 Upper Deck (storage)

Adapted from the WEG Star Wars RPG system