Basic Shuttle

HS:2  HP:10  PowerPlant:1 Chemical A
ADF:1  MR:4  DCR:26  Crew:up to 2
Armament: N/A
Defenses: N/A 
Communications/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom (1 master panel; speaker/mike in cabin, hold, and engine room)
Misc Equipment: N/A

Computer  (LVL:2 fp:14 Mass/SP:8)
Alarm (1) 
Astrogation (1)      
Commerce (1) 
Damage Control (1)  
Drive - Chemical A (1)  
Life Support cap:20 (1)   

Cargo Capacity:0.5
Crew Accomodations: 2 acceleration seats
Passenger Accomodations: 18 acceleration seats
Ship's Vehicles: N/A