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Description: The Timeline Project is for working out the kinks in the timeline.

All cannon material is up for consideration and 2 timelines should result. An Alpha Dawn & Zebs Adjusted Timeline. Possibly a Alpha Dawn Plus timeline which would be AD Plus Dragon, Polyhedron and Ares magazines materials.

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Create a thread for discussion on each bit of source material. Discuss and value and continuity problems of its data. Decide to use the material as is, reject it or adapt it to fit better.

Note Zebs Guide is too large a source for one thread and I'll try to break it into managable chunks.

AD materail is considered anything in the AD & KH box set and the published modules but excluding the competition module Trouble on Janus and the Space Odessy modules.

Secondary AD timeline sources are all the official magazine article.

Zeb's material includes all of the above plus Zeb's Guide material

Tertiary material:
Fan cannon material deemed of value

Endless Quest books: there are details about the setting in these books but they are clearly written for 12 yrs olds and a bit cheesy so my take on them is that they represent actual in setting holovids that could have been watched by the player characters.