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Description: Taking a new look at the Volturnus material.
NOTE: This Project Is now Dedicated to Revamping the Volturnus material for greater playability.
It is now intended to be a colaboration work space and no longer a private work space for me to tinker with the classic campaign.

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Originally this project was a work space for me to develop and tweek the Volturnus modules for my pen and paper rpg groups but those games stalled and were abandoned. Rather than let the project sit collecting dust I'm opening it up for everyone to talk and rift on ideas for tweeking and revamping the Volturnus adventures. Pretty much all things Volturnus are in for this project:

Doing a Core 4 style treatment of the eorna & mechanons would be appropriate.

Major Objectives:
1. Re-tooling the Volturnus zoology (rework some of the wonkier creatures)

2. The Volturnus Chronicles
     A. Crash on Volturnus (VC-1 or SF-0 v2.0)
     B. Volturnus, Planet of Mystery (VC-2 or SF-1 v2.0)
     C. The Pirates of Volturnus (VC-3)
     D. The Battle for Volturnus (VC-4)
     E. (VC-5) a Warriors of White Light style module where the PCs are employed by the new Governor of Volturnus- rooting out any pockets of pirates or sathar, regulating corporate activities , and assisting in the rebuilding of the city of Volkos etc. More or less it would be a series of encounters that could be played in any order. Its not as climatic as VC-4 so this might be a poor idea but it could be used as a transitional module.
3.  Next is the development of the setting so that its congruent with latter events in the Frontier. More or less a planetary brief describing a rebuilt and more modern Volturnus that can be visited during the Age of Adventure, the SW2 or after SW2.

4. Once the details of a more modern Volturnus are worked out a new series of modules can be written as the continuation of the Volturnus Chronicles or they can have a new series name like the Mechanon Menace.