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Description: The Colonization Workshop is for the purpose of discussing what would be important in putting together a colony expedition. The idea is that you are the colony planning committee what decisions do you make in putting the colony expedition together?

1. Produce a colony check list document for referees using a colony as a backdrop in the setting that will guide them in detailling a realistic colony setting. This doc should be general and non game specific and will be published in SFman.

2. Produce a SF specific  document that details the setting up of a colony in SF game terms. This doc is also intended to be published in the SFman.

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  • Issues are discussed in the forums, when a consensus is found the project manager (jedion357) will create a Document. (Project lead will manage the documents and seek to find the middle ground between varying views)
  • Members are encouraged to upload documents/ideas you would like considered to the Downloads area. We can hash them out in forums
  • Documents are to be used to produce the articles.
  • All contributors will be credited in final documents in the SFman (unless you tell me not too).
  • A contributor will be defined as someone who contributes actual material more than, "I like that idea," or "that sounds good," (I'll have to wade through the post and make sure I catch every-one's names- if I miss anyone it will not be intentional unless it looks like a post is not an actual contribution).

I'm really hoping that the more science minded among us will really roll up their sleeves.