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Enter a writing competition for the best single Star Frontiers encounter and win a “Volturnus Survey Mission II” hat.


Grand Prize is a $20 stone colored embroidered hat with the ark of a planet and the words, “Volturnus Survey Mission II” arched over that.

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Grand Prize is a $20 stone colored embroidered hat with the ark of a planet and the words, “Volturnus Survey Mission II” arched over that.




  1. Entries must be in Word, PDF, or Word Pad file and uploaded to SFman Encounter Competition project at www.starfrontiers.us. Entries will be considered once they are uploaded AND an email is sent through that website to jedion357 stating that the entry is ready for judging. The entry deadline will be announced in the project area.
  2. All entries will be considered submitted to the Star Frontiersman fanzine for consideration for publication and entries published in the fanzine may be edited prior to publication but credit to the original author will be given.
  3. Entries should be limited to equivalent of a single section in the printed modules and should be an Alpha Dawn style encounter.
  4. Encounters should include a challenge: skill check type challenges, ONE combat, and or a role play encounter, and should inclued a map. Use of existing maps from the AD or KH box sets is permitted but the map or area being used must be clearly stated. Otherwise you need to include a map.
  5. The encounter should have an adjustable level of difficulty (see scalable NPCs below).
  6. Each contestant can create a thread in the project forum for feed back and upload WIP (work in progress) files as well.
  7. Non Player Characters (NPCs) will be presented in a simple scalable format that can be easily adjusted to the rule set being used (see below).
  8. Entries should, as much as possible, be rules generic. However, if a specific rule is particularly important to the encounter reference it thus: RAD 23 or RKH 23 for a rule to be found on page 23 of the Remastered Alpha Dawn rules or the Remastered Knight Hawks rules.
  9. Finalist will be chosen by Jedion357 and a poll will be run two weeks after the entry deadline at www.starfrontiers.us for registered members to vote for the best encounter. Deadline is May 8th for submissions.



What Sorts of Encounters Is the Organizer Looking For?


Quick encounters that can be slotted into any campaign or game as a transition or filler encounter by the referee. The setting can be anything or anywhere in the Frontier or Rim. Use of equipment items from any issue of the Star Frontiersman will be considered a plus but should make sense for its inclusion in the encounter or be important to the encounter.


How to Present Scalable Non Player Characters


There are currently a variety of rule sets that can be used to generate characters for Star Frontiers, from the official first edition Alpha Dawn & Knight Hawks rules to the half edition Zebulon’s Guide to a number of excellent fan developed rule sets. With that in mind all Non Player Characters (NPCs) will be presented in a simple scalable format that will be easily adjusted to the rule set being used.


  1. Begin with a name or descriptive title like Thug #3 and a race.
  2. List a suggested level AD 1-6; all stats for the NPC will be based off this level but do not list the stats just the level. A NPC will have all ability stats based on this level (see below). Any referee needing to increase or decrease difficulty will be able to change the level and insert the stats from the table below.
  3. Next list important skills but not weapons skills: NPCs are considered to be able to use any weapon they are equipped with. All combat and skill checks will be taken at the NPC’s level listed.
  4. Next list important equipment carried by the NPC. Not everything needs to be listed, just what is likely to be important to the encounter.
  5. Finally give a short description of the NPC’s motivations and personality.


Example: Pirate tech; dralasite; Level 2; Skills Computer, Technician; Equipment: Gyrojet pistol, 3 frag grenades, tool kit, power belt, albedo screen, and skien suit. He’s the clown of the crew and uses his antics to lull others into a false sense of security. Will fight dirty and smart and is not above running away to fight another day.


The levels for NPCs are:


Level 1: All ability scores 35%, RW 28, M 28, PS +2, IM +4, Racial ability 15%

Level 2: All ability scores 40%, RW 40, M 40, PS +2, IM +4, Racial ability 20%

Level 3: All ability scores 45%, RW 58, M 58, PS +3, IM +5, Racial ability 25%

Level 4: All ability scores 50%, RW 65, M 65, PS +3, IM +5, Racial ability 30%

Level 5: All ability scores 55%, RW 78, M 78, PS +3, IM +6, Racial ability 35%

Level 6: All ability scores 60%, RW 90, M 90, PS +4, IM +6, Racial ability 40%