A> physical descriptions
     1 - topical make-up, climate, etc

Clarion is a large, flat, and wet world with very few features, measuring 11,679km in diameter. Most of the surface is covered by a large land mass that is broken by eight seas and a number of huge lakes. A few very low mountain ranges have risen above the surface, but most of Clarion is covered by broad plains and mudflats. A few of the largest mud flats are thousands of kilometers in diameter.
It takes 50:05 hours GST for this large world to make one rotation.

Constant rain, lasting for weeks, is the usual weather condition on Clarion. Generally, these storms are punctuated by brief periods of fair weather before clouds collect and the showers begin again. At any one time, rain will be failing over 90% of the planet.
As a result, the climate is quite humid with temperatures ranging from warm to very hot (with an average surface temperature of 30ºC).

The resources which have made Clarion a wealthy planet include uranium, which is found in all of the low mountain ranges; huge quantities of petroleum beneath the mud flats; and a few rich collections of bauxite (aluminum ore). The only industry of any size on the planet is petroleum refining. Although there is very little demand for the burnable by-products of petroleum in the Frontier, the wide variety of plastics created from the oil are in great demand.

No native animal life has been discovered on Clarion beyond basic insects. Much of the planet is covered with vegetation, but all of the plants would be considered primitive by most standards. Lichens, mosses, algae and ferns are the most common types.

Humans were the primary settlers on Clarion in centuries past. As they expanded from the direction of Theseus, the White Light system became a major crossroads for human exploration of the Frontier. Because it sits astride a connection of four major interstellar routes, Clarion has collected significant populations of all of the Four Races.

The swamp to marsh to permafrost setting of Clarion is something that early settlers found quite annoying. Future generations interacted with the other non-human races, who found equal dismay to this natural trend where high boots were a must for trekking anywhere. This eventually led to a dralasite pun "Gollywog" which, translated from their language, means "The world that did land as an afterthought". As such, residents do not take lightly to this insulting slang title that was given to their world.

     2 - major cities

Port Royal (RM headquarters)
Valentina (the Throne City & RG headquarters)

  B> cultural aspects
     1 - social structure & titles

The citizens of Clarion are categorized in four groups: Convict, Freeperson, Court Lord (or Lady), and Knight. Each step up in social class comes with higher status.

Convict - any citizen, noble or otherwise, reduced to this status for the purpose of serving a sentence for a crime or act of treason, often utlized in government supervised labor (chain gang type road construction, mining, etc). Convicts who demonstrate good behavior may be recruited into the Royal Guard as a condition of "parole", but this is rare and only seen during times of war.
Freeperson - the "common man" regardless of economic status.
Court Lord/Lady - lowest rank of nobility, granted to citizens who have acted in the interest of the crown, be it economically, politically, or any other act resulting in favorable results.
Knight - a title of nobility often bestowed upon (but not limited to) retired and active duty military persons, knights have proven themselves to be 100% loyal to the crown and continue to serve as such, even during retirement. It is not uncommon for knights to progress towards governing titles.

Governing Titles of Nobility - this is the ruling class, any Freeperson, Court Lord/Lady, or Knight is eligible for such title assuming favor is garnered by the crown. Members of Parliament who run for office are pooled from any of these ruling classes.

Baron/Baroness - lowest governing rank, often responsible for one to three regions or areas
Count/Countess - governs no more than four regions or areas
Marquis/Marquessa - governs five to ten regions or areas
Duke/Duchess - very limited, one per major city except for the Throne City, eligible for kingship via election assuming a king's family line ends.
King/Queen - The top ruling class

Clarion nobles serve under brief periods of active duty much like British royalty.  One to two years, officer position, in harms way only when politically necessary to bolster social opinions.  The closer to the crown, the more choice they get for their training and specialty.  In times of peace a noble may only serve from one training school to another, qualifying to get the badge then off to earn the next. It should be noted that nobles are not counted amongst the rank and file of the Clarion Royal Marines or Royal Guard, they are merely there to gain their place and learn the basics that can be used in politics, then off to prestigious universities.  They may return for yearly reserve training but it is purely voluntary.  Their commissions are often for life as well.

  C> politics & government
     1 - parliament
     2 - Liberation Party