(work in progress)

   A> time line

1 f.y. (Federation Year) The United Planetary Federation, a mutual defense organization, is established. All worlds of the Frontier, expecting another Sathar invasion, immediately join. Under UPF authority, Spacefleet becomes a permanent defensive force.
19 f.y. Prince Leotus Valentine XIX assumes the crown from his father, Leotus XVIII. Significant funding for the recently founded Medical Services Organization is donated by the Valentine family.

25 f.y. Princess Leotia Valentine XX is born, the ruling Valentines are unable to have any further children. Being the sole heir to Clarion's throne, Leotus initiates the Royal Secret Service comprised of loyal subjects dedicated to personally protecting the Royal Family.

31 f.y. The Demilitarization Act is passed by parliament. Strict firearm bans are enacted on the planet's surface, and similar policies are enforced on Clarion Station...although with minimal success considering government boundaries and space charter. The Council of Worlds overules the King and permits small arms such as pistols and melee weapons to be carried on the station.
40 f.y. Commander Stephen Delrooca receives a pair of brand new assault scouts, the Falcon and Wasp, thus bringing their militia up to date. He recruits his daughter Rogena from UPF Space Fleet to helm the Falcon.

44-48 f.y. Streel violates the Demilitarization Act numerous times by attempting to smuggle firearms to the surface of Clarion. By f.y.48 a resulting 20 year ban is enacted against Streel, prohibiting them from the surface. Due to UPF charter, the megacorp is still permitted to maintain an office on Clarion Station.

50 f.y. Commander Delrooca retires after 50 years of service to the Crown. Duke David Arconium of Hiatia (mH), a senior advisor to Delrooca, is promoted to the rank of Commander in the Clarion Royal Marines. His first act is convincing Leotus to acquire a frigate to supplement the CRM space militia, the CMS Leo arrives near the end of the year.
51 f.y. A band of space pirates inhabits the asteroid "Planora" and begins construction of a station within. They grow in strength within the following years, and by 56fy they have a small fleet of ships at their disposal. Royal Strategists believe these pirates received funding from Streel to disrupt shipping traffic to Clarion Station.

53 f.y. Lieutenant Rogena Delrooca is given the helm of the CMS Leo, and is promoted to the rank of Captain the following year. A brief period of civil unrest erupts from this promotion, citing political reasons for such rapid advancement. Meanwhile, Jr. Lt. Vincent Shirrah is awarded the vacated helm of the Falcon.
55 f.y. Maxxer Tabbe (mH) is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and granted the command position of the assault scout CMS Osprey. He recruits Rhanda Klast (fH), a hot shot rocket weaponry specialist discovered in the recent graduating class of CRM Basic Training.

56 f.y. The CMS Osprey, with a new batch of fresh recruits that replaced members lost during a manifest inspection gone wrong, earns something of a reputation with the Royal Marines. They manage to discover a cache of Streel furbished Clarion-bound weapons being smuggled in a small freighter, stop a cybernetically controlled ship on a collision course with Clarion Station, assist the fleet with routing the Planoran Pirates, thwart an attempted capture by the Sathar who turned out to have infiltrated the CRM ranks via agent Maxxer Tabbe, and further assist in thwarting an inbound group of Sathar destroyers...all in less than a year. Two more assault scouts are acquired from UPF Space Fleet, the Flitter and Swallow. King Leotus is outraged by the discovery of Streel backing the Planoran pirates, and he extends Streel's ban by another 20 years.
57 f.y. Answering a distress call forwarded from the Theseus system, Leotus orders Commander Arconium to dispatch the CMS Osprey to Mahg Mar in newly discovered system FS-24. Lt. Gregor Dentin, C.O. of the Osprey, helps lead a daring mission that exploits a secret Sathar supply base.
58 f.y. Rhanda Klast earns her wings and begins copiloting the Osprey. Leotus XIX is assassinated by a member of the Clarion Liberation Party. The crown is passed to his daughter, Princess Leotia Valentine XX. Citing theories and unproven evidence that links Streel to her father's assassination, her first act is making the ban against Streel on Clarion permanent.
59 f.y. the SS Dark Shadow, the freighter that was impounded when smuggled Streel weapons were found in her hold several years earlier, is recommissioned as a consular ship. 
61 f.y. Garlus Tylappar recruits a group of Clarion spacers to helm the Gullwind on a daring run to expose a criminal empire overseen by the Malthar. The resulting "Dramune Run" culminates with an all out civil war between Inner and Outer Reach, with UPF SpaceFleet vessels assisting the Inner Reach militia.

64 f.y. Rhanda Klast is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and begins her career as a senior tactician under Commander Arconium, while at the same time being awarded captainship of the Osprey.

65 f.y. Leotus XXI is born, the first of three children from Queen Leotia in line for the crown. Leotia commissions a six unit squadron of star fighters to assist the Royal Marines in their space efforts. "Raptor Squadron" becomes an immediately respected group.

68 f.y. Lt. Kriz'l Qill is recruited into Klast's tacticians.
70 f.y. Clarion's group of assault scouts earn a degree of noteriety as Klast is unofficially recognized as their "squadron leader". The UPF takes note of their tactical operations and forms "Avenger Squadron", a group of assault scouts in Strike Force NOVA manned by elite crews. Both squadrons seemingly compete for media coverage in the Frontier News Network.
73 f.y. Lieutenant Vincent Shirrah is promoted to Captain and is assigned to helm the frigate Leo.

75 f.y.  Queen Leotia XX can no longer count on the 70-80% support her father enjoyed from parliament. The Conservative Association and the Crown Royalist parties still support her but they only account for 44%. The Socialist and various independant parties have long opposed the crown’s policies while the New Beings party often sells its votes to the highest bidder. She’s been forced to build a coalition government out of theCrown Royalists, Conservative Association, a few independants (but not all or any entire party), and oddly enough...the Liberation Party. Though theLiberation Party is against the monarchy as its core belief the head of the party, Jonnus Slike (mH) often “releases members to vote their conscience” --- which is political speak for "go along with the Queen and Prime Minister". In return the Prime Minister was forced to give the Liberation Party one of his cabinet seats.
77 f.y. A militant group occupies the deserted asteroid Planora. A generous fleet of warships is assembled, threatening to blockade the planet Clarion. Leotia gears up by having the entire fleet of the Clarion Royal Marines on full alert at all times, while pleading with the Council of Worlds for assistance. For reasons unknown, the militant group quietly departs before the C.O.W. arrives at a decision to honor Clarion's call for help.
80 f.y. The second Sathar War begins.
81 f.y. The Royal Marines thwart a small detachment of Sathar warships as they pass through the system on their way to Madderly's Star. No losses are suffered, but all craft incur mild to serious amounts of damage with the frigate Leo limping home on but a single operational drive and few other functional systems. Aside from a few stragglers, there is little worm activity in the system but Clarion Station and Fortress Redoubt serve as a ready station for SpaceFleet vessels throughout most of the war. The UPF, realizing their vulnerability in land battles, works closely with Queen Leotia in analyzing the Royal Guard as a model for a potential UPF equivilent. UPF's LandFleet is born the following year.  

83 f.y. Rhanda Klast is offered the lead position in Avenger Squadron during Strike Force NOVA's stay in White Light. Feeling her service in protecting the system (and Frontier as well) from the worms supercedes any local issues, she accepts the position. She is given the helm of the assault scout UPFS Captain Federation, named after a patriotic holo-comic super hero. In her absence, Kriz'k Qill is promoted to Captain and helms the Osprey.

85 f.y. Queen Leotia XX commissions a squadron of heavy fighters to help defend Clarion during the Sathar War, as well as pushing considerations for the addition of a minelayer. With the war effort in full swing and available supplies & services being what they are, she opts for a lower budget converted cargo conatiner that can be affixed to the Dark Shadow.

90 f.y. The second Sathar War ends. Leotia XXII is born on the day the war ends, the first of five daughters to Prince Leotus XXI. No sons are born.

95 f.y. Queen Leotia XX accepts the first batch of applicants to the Royal Guard and Royal Marines from the Rim worlds.
98 f.y. Leotia XX steps down and passes the crown to Prince Leotus XXI.

100 f.y. Numerous spacers originating from Clarion join the Age of Adventure within the Rim. The Osprey is retired, demilitarized, and transported to the surface to serve as a museum attraction in Valentina.