Cyber Gorge

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Jaccobe Larame is a robotics expert. His questionable attitudes towards robots sent him to the unemployment line. Using his surperb skills and the last of his savings, Jaccobe purchased a plot of land near the Northern Territory bordering a wildlife perserve. There he hired loggers to spec out, log and build a human western settlement reministant of a long forgotten planet.

While construction was commencing Jaccobe spent his time travelling to the Port Loren Library searching for information on languages, traditions and technology a few hundred years after the discovery of black powder.   

Once the research was complete he purchase parts and equipment and set all his efforts to building human-looking robots. He made bad guys, a sheriff, bar tenders, cattle men, sheep herders, steeds, ect.. He programed "slang" into the robots language, robots often say words whos meaning is lost to the general public. For 10 credits a patron can purchase a datapad with the layout of Cyber Gorge, translation text (cowrobot to pan-gal), etc.

Cyber Gorge is a entertainment theme park that spans hundreds of kilometers. 

Some of the buildings have holo-projectors that project images of ghostly townsfolk. An elderly man sits at a piano whipping up a diddy, suddenly he evaporates into thin air. The piano keeps playing.

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