Plague World Beta: Archangel

This outline is intended to familiarize the Referee and Players with this previously unknown part of frontier space.  A basic scenario is outlined herein to get things started, but once started there are several avenues that can be considered for future play and it is up to the Referee to develop them further to fit into their universe.  Since the timeline presented in Zeb's as a whole is discombobulated (imo) and patchy (to me at least - either that or I'm just dense), I only follow it loosely.  I prefer to come up with my own ideas about the plague worlds and therefore, have come up with this possible alternative to what is mentioned in Zeb's timeline.  It has been my intention to do write-ups like this for all the plague systems to use as an alternative to the spotty Zeb's timeline.

This is not the final draft and may get some fairly drastic changes before it is completed.