SF:2KH "Liberation of Volturnus"

A Knight Hawks aftermath game for the Volturnus Adventure

The epic conclusion to the greatest SF game ever!


Following the Battle of Volturnus between the Sathar and the united native races of the new world (and perhaps after exhausting the additional adventures on page 32 of the SF:2 module), characters could be in a position to acquire starship skills (or pretty close to it). Either way, the KH game can still be conducted.

The Eorna have discovered a squadron of heavy fighters that they once used long ago, along with a secondary squadron of deactivated Mechanon fighters. Having deduced that these craft can be up and running with minimal effort, they have decided to take the fight to the worms with one final punch to the backs of their worm-skulls. Long range sensors report a massive exodus of shuttles returning ground troops and equipment to waiting transports. Even though the battle of Volturnus is over, both the Eorna and the adventurous heroes agree to pursue the worms a little further just to insure they never return to Volturnus again!

Of course if players lost the ground battle against the Sathar during the course of SF:2 Starspawn on Volturnus, this game can still serve as a turning point as the Truane's Star/Streel/UPF ships make their way to Volturnus to take charge...

If players with Technical or Military PSA characters have sufficient XP to advance toward LVL:1 starship skills, allow them to man a few of the Eorna craft as Pilots, Engineers, and/or Gunners (energy gunners may man the laser turret, rocket gunners may assist the pilot with the forward firing rockets). As such, the game can be conducted using the shaded columns of the KH attack table with skill bonuses. If the players lack the XP, any/all characters may still man the same systems (ultimately the better of the scenarios to maximize player participation), although as such an Eorna pilot will man the helm. In this case use the unshaded columns with no skill bonuses. In either situation, the Mechanon fighters are robotic and unmanned (and will attack as LVL:1 pilots if the shaded columns are used).

--- Part Two ---

While the Volturnus Squadrons were engaging the Sathar transports, the main bevy of Sathar warships ventured into deep space to engage allied craft comprising the Truane's Star government, Streel (who co-financed the Volturnus expeditions), and the UPF. While this board game has no direct impact on the player characters, it can be portrayed to determine the final outcome of the Sathar/Volturnus War.