PC Backgrounds and NPC Contacts

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Player Character Backgrounds:


            Players will most likely begin as the Streel new hires that are forced to transfer to PEST. At GM discretion they could also be PAC personnel from the regular militia or from the ESO depending on the character created and the player’s temperament.

            The culture of Pale’s space navy is very patriotic in nature with a strong belief in the constitution. There is near universal resentment toward Streel and politicians who appear to be sell outs to the mega corp. The Exploration & Sciences Organization (ESO), though under military control, is largely staffed with civilian contractors.


NPC contacts for the Player Characters:

NPC contacts encourage role playing as the help or information that they can provide is only obtainable through role play. They also provide the GM with a voice in the adventure but that should be limited to hints. The PCs should ask for information and the NPC would not be overly helpful without good reason. Provide the PCs and opportunity to interact with their NPC contacts and to shop for any equipment they can afford before they embark on the Serrena Dawn. The info that they may generate in this way should not give them the whole picture as to what is going on though the developments on New Pale could be used as a distraction (red herring).


Lucritia Dolores, a writer for The Star Republic, an independent and conservative periodical with largely electronic distribution. Lucritia is known for her patriotic and anti-Streel views. She is a critical analyst on politics and mega corps. Her contact with a PC could be as family (distant cousin) or through past association (knew each other in school but not necessarily close). She’ll gladly answer questions or research info concerning her areas of expertise since she often feels frustrated over Streels seeming control of the government and would welcome a sympathetic ear. She could easily find a corporate division report on RAD (Resource Acquisition & Developement) if asked.


Ch’S’R T’Seck of House Ch’S’R. House Ch’S’R is a vursk trade house, focusing on accounting and are reputed to be among the premier accounting firms in the Frontier. T’Seck's expertise are in accounting and finds the changes in budgeting at RAD interesting as well as the fact that House Ch’S’R no longer audits RAD’s books just reviews a prepared book that seems a little too prepared. House Ch’S’R is still retained for accounting all other departments and divisions at the Streel headquarters. His association with a PC could be familial; in the case of a vursk PC or through prior business association (maybe he audited the books for the PC’s family’s business and is known to the PC).


Bork the Bartender (race can be flexible for this character), Bork is a ne’r do well and spacer with a checkered past who has settled into bartending. His lack of respect for authority bounced him out of 2 separate militia organizations. He was in the 1st Common Muster and has little love for pirates but keeps his finger on the pulse of criminal activity in the capitol of Pale as his bar is in one of the seeder neighborhoods. He’s an astute judge of the character. His association with a PC would most likely derive from the PC knowing a friend of his who told them to look him up.


Saleck Chin (any race) is an aging scientist (lvl 6 environmental skill) in the ESO. He is a civilian contractor and is biding his time till retirement next year. He will in no way jeopardize his pension but is generally unhappy with interference by Streel in the Zebulon Survey Project that first started with loss of funding for the ESO and now the usurpation of the Volturnus mission by Streel. He’s well versed in environmental issues concerning Pale and New Pale and the astro sciences of Truane’s Star. His association with a PC could be as past professor for a PC with a physco-social PSA or as a friend of someone known to the PC or as past professional association if the PC’s background started him as part of the ESO.


Sgt. Grick (any race) is a true blue patriotic Pale citizen and career militia spacer. Words like crusty and salty come to mind for those asked to describe him. He works hard and parties hard with a fondness for strong drink. He recently dodged “the bullet” avoiding transfer to Training Command to be a drill sgt. for the new Peace Keeper force (an occupation force being raise to strong arm New Pale). He has family on New Pale and is disgusted with the prospect of being ordered to take action against them. His new assignment is as quartermaster sgt. and maybe able to issue some non-weapon equipment to the PCs party by virtue of some creative paperwork and or proper paperwork issued by the PCs but coached by him. His association with a PC in the military PSA would be through past professional association especially if the PCs background started him as a member of the militia or of the ESO.


Barlow Kuman, is an undercover star law agent (real name is ?). He has been investigating RAD and may decide to provide some help to the PCs on the down low as long as it doesn’t risk his cover. He’s obtained a support personnel position at RAD’s headquarters.