Corporate Division Report

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Streel Corporation

Founded F.Y. 23
Corporate Headquarters: Pale, Truane's Star System
Chief Executive: Hilo Headow (Yazirian)
Subsidiaries: The largest are Greater Vrusk Mutual Prosperity Institution, First Dralasite Savings and Loan chain, and the Yazirian Financial Co-op. All of these were once major competitors that Streel acquired.
Allies: MercCo
Enemies: PGC, Galactic Task Force Inc.

Brief History: Streel has grown remarkably in the last few decades, despite near catastrophic events in F.Y. 49 with the quake on Pale and the 6 years of conflict during the Truane's Star Food war. It is fast approaching PGC in size and financial power. Streel offices are now spread throughout the Frontier and Rim, the latter, an area the PGC has neglected. Streel backs technological research, banking systems, mining operations, savings and loan institutions, and financial backings for real estate and agricultural areas.

Corporate Division Report:

Resource Acquisition & Development (RAD), the division within Streel that is tasked with system and or planetary resource acquisition for the exclusive exploitation by Streel.


Division Head: The executive vice president, Perenni Epiphytes, is a human female educated at the University of Fromeltar in diplomacy and finance with a minor in horticulture. She is famous for hard ball diplomacy and patronage of The Earth 2 Horticultural Society.


Headquarters: Pale, Truane’ Star


Secondary Interest: Terra-forming


Covert Activities/ Interests: Strong ties to Merco and to R&D Division.


Branches: Farway Freight (FF) 30% of RAD budget; Negotiations & Administration (N/A) 40% of RAD budget; Prospecting, Exploration & Survey Team (PEST) 15% of RAD budget


History: Aggressive acquisition of mining rights in several developing systems that lead to accusations of extortion and even terrorism.


Reputation: Aggressive and underhanded


Allies/ Affiliates: Merco

Enemies/ Competitors: PGC