Ship Skills

Due to my revised breakdown of the AD skills, the prerequisite skills for spaceship skills have changed as follows:

PILOT Technician (Operate Machinery & Vehicle Operation @ LVL:6 each), Computers (Operate @ LVL:1, Display Info @ LVL:2)

ASTROGATOR Computer (Operate & Display Info @ LVL:2 in each, Program Manipulation @ LVL:6)

ENGINEER Technician (Repair Machinery & Vehicle Repair @ LVL:4 each), Computers (Operate @ LVL:1, Display Info @ LVL:1 each), Robotics (Alter & List Functions @ LVL:2 each)

ENERGY GUNNERY Beam Weapons @ LVL:3 , Vehicle Combat @ LVL:2

ROCKET GUNNERY Projectile Weapons @ LVL:2, Gyrojet Weapons @ LVL:2 , Vehicle Combat @ LVL:2

Dreadnought Skills

BATTERY COMMANDER (Prerequisite Skills: Energy or Rocket Gunnery @ LVL:2 minimum, coinciding on weapon system). A Battery Commander coordinates the attacks of mulitple weapons, up to four at a time. In doing so, the dreadnought's gunners can cause massive amounts of damage to the intended targets. The Commander may only coordinate the specified types of weapon systems: rocket batteries for Rocket Battery Commanders and laser/electron/proton beam batteries for Energy Battery Commanders. Multiple weapons all must be of the same type, you can not mix a pair of laser batteries with a proton and electron battery.

To determine the chance to hit, take the average of all gunners (round down) and add +2/BC level. Rolling less than or equao to that number results in all weapons hitting, anything else is a complete miss for all weapons.
 EXAMPLE: A LVL:4 Rocket Battery Commander aboard a battleship is coordinating four of the rocket batteries, operated by two LVL:3 rocket gunners, one LVL:4 gunner, and one LVL:5 gunner. The average level is 3 (3=3=4=5=16, 16/4 =3.75 rounded down to 3), so the base chance to hit for a rocket battery is 30% + 15 for the average level. The Battery COmmander adds his +8 bonus to that number, so any roll of 53 or less results in all four weapons hitting for a total of 8d10 damage against the target.

The BC level may not exceed the prerequisite skill level, hence a LVL:4 Energy Gunner can not advance past LVL:4 Battery Commander until the EG skill is raised to LVL:5. The number of batteries a commander may coordinate is dependant on experience level, as illustrated inthe following table:

BC Level# of Batteries
     1         2
     2         2
     3         3
     4         3
     5         4
     6         5

DREADNOUGHT ENGINEER (Prerequisite Skills: Engineeer LVL:6) A Dreadnought Engineer commands a team of other engineers in order to coordinate the maintenance, upkeep, and repairs of the mighty vessel. A Dreadnought Engineer is also capable of drafting blueprints for the construction of such monstrosities. The table below details how many additional engineers are required as well as the hull size construction qualifications: 

Engineer Level
Max Hull Size
 (for design)
(LVL:6 Engineer)      1       20
          1      2  HS:21-24
          2      3  HS:25-29
          3      4  HS:30-35
          4      6  HS:36-45
          5      8  HS:46-49
          6     10   HS:50+

A Dreadought Engineer may add an additional +5/level to the standard repair roll, but repairs take twice as long to conduct due to the extensive size of the craft (permitted every sixth combat turn rather than every third).

DREADNOUGHT PILOT (Prerequisite Skills: Pilot LVL:6). A Dreadnought Pilot commands a team of other highly skilled pilots in order to operate these massive craft, as a dreadnought's controls are too vast to be handled by a single being. All dreadnought subskill operations are conducted under the usual LVL:6 canon rules, with the exception being size certification (and additional pilots required), as illustrated in the table below:

 Pilot Level
Additional Pilots
   & skill level
Max Hull Size
(LVL:6 Pilot)   1 @ LVL:5+       20
        1   2 @ LVL:5+  HS:21-24
        2   3 @ LVL:5+  HS:25-30
        3    4 @ LVL:6  HS:31-35
        4    5 @ LVL:6  HS:36-42
        5    6 @ LVL:6  HS:43-49
        6    8 @ LVL:6   HS:50+

A Dreadnought Pilot may add an additional +2/level to hit with forward firing weapons, in addition to the top ranking copilot's bonus and a gunner that is assisting with such weapon(s).

ASTROGATORS The canon astrogation rules are retained for dreadnoughts, nothing changes in this field as it still takes ten hours for each light year of plotted jump time. However, a larger astrogation team is kept onboard a dreadnought to expedite rapid calculations.

Dreadnought Skill Cost Table