Armor Plating

Ships can be armored with thicker hull plating along with more durable bulkheads and framework. This can only be performed during construction of the ship, and is only available at a Class:1 SCC.

As such, there are four grades of hull armor:

Armor Grade |
Hull Points |
Base HP

Hull points and Cost are multiplied by the ships hull size.

NOTE: A military contractor is required for the medium and heavy grades of armor, although any ship may receive the light armor during construction. Performance penalties apply for the higher grades of armor, this will be detailed below.

If you crunch the numbers, this ruling almost lines up perfectly with canon KH specs on the warships --- a fighter would have heavy armor for 8HP at HS:1, a frigate has heavy armor for 40HP at HS:5, but the destroyer gets a bonus two HP for 50 at HS:6 (to which my only explanation can be the designer opted for more brawn over improved performance, as opposed to the Frigate and Assault Scout). Even the battleship at HS:20 could be detailed as light armor (to keep costs down?) for 120HP. A canon light cruiser at HS:14 / 70HP can be redesigned as HS:12 with light armor and one less drive for a minor price increase (and much cheaper to operate over the long term as a result) while sporting two additional hull points worth of protection, not to mention a lower grade pilot can man the helm! (level 4 instead of 5)

As noted earlier, the medium and heavy grades reduce performance. Figure a -1 for each grade, applicable to either the ADF or MR, builder's choice (determined during construction). In other words, a total -2 penalty for heavy armor, applicable to one or the other or -1 to both. This can be compensated by doubling the number of drives per penalty (re: two more "A" drives for medium armor on an assault scout, four more for heavy armor), but under no circumstances can performance go above the normal/stock configuration, therefore doubling the drives to compensate for medium armor will only revert it back to stock performance, not +1 ADF or MR...thus one drive doubling negates one grade of penalties, so add double the drives twice for heavy armor...another reason why the eight C drive battleship has light armor: no performance penalties. (See? It really does work out nicely!) Under no circumstance should the total number of drives exceed eight --- if you can't add more drives, then the penalties remain.

As such, assault scouts can be revamped with armored hulls so they can take a little more abuse, considering their counterparts on both ends (frigates and fighters). At 24HP, it still has a fair chance at surviving an assault rocket or it can take one more battery weapon hit than before. Twin A drives hanging off the wings of a medium armored scout makes it a more formidable craft...even reduced to ADF/MR: 4/4 via stock drive configuration and medium armor it's still something of a contender (remember - MR must be 4 or more for assault rocket use, dropping MR to 3 mandates swapping the AR system for pod lasers or a second laser battery).

It opens the doors to various configurations...some militias may not be able to afford the armored ships so they would settle for the less expensive "canon" versions, while the UPF and more economically stable systems would go all out for the super models with heavy armor and four drives, while yet other militias might have something in between.

Note that civilian ships under a government charter can become eligible for higher grade armored hulls. Even the occasional megacorp ship wouldn't be out of line with higher grades of armor, naturally exerting some influence upon the government presiding over their home office world...

Optional Rule

For each grade of armor there is a 5% chance that a successful hit from any weapon hits at such an angle it's damage potential is entirely deflected.

Armor Grade |