Mercy Mission to K'tsa-Kar Hardware Problems

Without the shakedown cruise/space trials 

the CMS ___________ will have maintenance issues. Roll once per star system to see what issues come up while in that system.

If the PCs make any effort to go over their ship in the few hours they have while the convoy finishes assembling roll for a breakdown/maintenance issue. let them discover what will be the issue in the next system and take steps to mitigate it. 
If its a software issue they can obtain the software fix before leaving or if a hardware issue they can try to obtain parts to fix it. this might require obtaining a [insert techno-babble] control module that is not available at the shipyard but can be found at Boneyard station.

Roll on table:

1. Software glitch in drive program- minus 1 ADF not detectible until ships attempts to use full ADF
2. Strange burning smell from the air ducts- hardware and programing issue with the life support plant (will also need to be fixed on the Back up life support too. Computer tech/astrogator can rewrite the code and a technician can fabricate a new part  in an hour (must be undisturbed ie no combat)
3.Laser Battery tracking: improperly machined tracking collar is sticking and could jam causing a -5% penalty to LB shots any failed LB shots that fail by 20% or more causes the penalty to jump by -5 and any critical failure over 95%  causes it to jam.  DCR roll will unjam it but or reduce penalty by 5%. however to solve the problem an engineer will need to suit up and pull access plates on the hull and attempt to fix the issue with a laser power torch- failed roll means problem cannot be fixed without putting into a space station. 
5. Depressurization alarm on deck with airlock. Airlock seals are leaking. Tech repair roll and 1-3 hours work.
6. nothing
7. ?
8. Nothing
9. ?
10.  Engineer catches and solves one of the other problems before it crops up inconviently

Once a break down result is rolled replace it with Nothing for future rolls.
Except for number 1. keep that result except the next time its the same effect but instead of being a software glitch its a hardware issue. [insert Techno babble] plasma injection nozzel misalignment. make it seem like its the exact same issue as the software issue. If the players really inspect the engines while fixing the software glitch and the engineer makes a really good roll or the players specifically specify the kind of scrutiney that would reveal this issue allow them to problem solve this issue at the same time as the software glitch.