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Welcome to the Sovereign Domain Authority (a.k.a. the "Soon Uprising"). We hope you enjoy our stay, if not you could always be made to enjoy it...

This project serves to host my own home brewed campaign where the UPF is overtaken by a tyrannical leader and his rise to power. It''s a dark time for the Frontier, and there are very few lights willing to shine in that darkness.  

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Frontier News Network transmission 5/33/61f.y.

"Sovereign Domain Authority forces under the upstart dictator General Yan-Soon Shea-Dow have siezed both Point Glass and Laco Station in Dixon's Star. They have effectively sealed off travel routes to Truane's Star and Zebulon, cutting those two systems off from the rest of the Frontier. 

However, Streel Corporation has managed to find a way around them and is making huge profits transporting people and goods through the gauntlet to and from these systems. Squadrons from the Star Fighter Corps have been dispatched to Dixon's Star but have been severely outnumbered by Shea-Dow's extensive squadrons of fighter craft (ironicly craft purchased from Streel), not to mention other larger capital ships encountered insystem. Spacefleet may soon become involved. Representatives of Mercenary Starbase were unavailable for comment. 

Local Star Law Rangers were quoted as saying that General Yan-Soon and his forces are not to be taken lightly. Recent SDA activity in the White Light system indicated that the SDA was about to pounce again but as it turned out it was just a ruse designed to draw attention toward lightly populated Lossend in the Timeon system. Star Law hasn't ruled out continued possibilities of SDA activity in Lossend though. 

It is still unknown where the Soon Uprising is operating from, most likely a nearby uncharted star system between Dixon's Star and Timeon is playing host to this ruthless group that has already publicly declared their intent to secede from the UPF once the entire planet is under their control. Should that happen, Dixon's Star could feasibly become host to many groups that wish to operate freely outside the boundaries of UPF interstellar law, up to and including pirates and other criminal operations not to mention any mega-corps that wish to advance immoral or otherwise illegal business and research ventures. 

General Yan-Soon had taken control of Histran several years ago in the Scree Fron system, but was thwarted by groups of local and independent freight haulers working in tandem with the planetary militias in the system. Sadly his forces have exponentially grown since then, and it will take far more than some civilian craft manned by their crafty captains to retake Laco. Many publicly traded share values have tanked since the fall of Laco, save for Streel who has enjoyed small gains in stock value due to their profitiable travel route around this fiasco. This financial trend is expected to continue as long as Laco is held. 

More news as this story continues to develop."