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The Sovereign Domain Authority has quickly risen to the number one threat towards the Frontier society, becoming a major thorn in the side of Frontier peace efforts.

And you thought the Sathar were bad...

The History Behind SDA

The SDA (or "Soon Uprising") is under the leadership of Magnate General Yan-Soon Shea-Dow. Little is known about Shea-Dow save for the following:

> Yan-Soon began his military career in the Truane's Star government, starting off as an enlisted soldier and eventually graduating from officer training school and recieving a small command. 
> He served briefly under Lieutenant Colonel Louis V. Jameson, laying down the tactics for Jameson's final mission before the Colonel's retirement of 22 years service. 
> Popular theory has it that Shea-Dow was approached by or even joined the Free Frontiersmen Foundation before going AWOL. 
> He spent at least fifteen years away from the Frontier and all UPF worlds carrying out his master plan, building up a virtual war machine founded upon his knowledge of military operations, financial resources, and his hidden base of operations.

It is widely believed that he has a private base or even an entire planetary operation in an uncharted system from which to operate and strike out against the Frontier. It is also believed that at least one large corporation is assisting in the finances of this operation, possibly Streel as another popular rumor dictates that he is somehow related to Streel's CEO Hilo Headow (who denies any association or relation to Yan-Soon).

Also noteworthy, his title of General is self-appointed as he never made it past Lieutenant in the TS government. Titles aside, this upstart dictator is not one to be taken lightly as he is capable of strategies in league with the wisest of generals and admirals. He has gone public with declarations of intent on taking over a UPF system and have it secede from the Federation. Such actions would place said world with access to companies wishing to participate in immoral or illegal ventures and research outside UPF jurisdiction and beyond the reach of interstellar law, up to and including the possibility of pirates and other criminal organizations. Since a local system's government does not fall under the charter of the UPF, they can not get involved despite the threat of secession. UPF charter allows for such acts, although it would be economically, historically, and politically foolish. But Yan-Soon is a clever fellow, very charismatic, and well funded.

Yan-Soon's most recent attempt at this occured in the outpost world of Histran in the Scree Fron system, which would have succeeded if not for a group of crafty civilian freight haulers in conjunction with the local militia of neighboring Hakosoar that thwarted his take-over. Considering his vast resources though, it is highly unlikely that such an event will be so easily prevented next time around as there have been reported sightings of SDA owned capital ships and multitudes of fighter squadrons, so the next outbreak could no doubt become a military campaign targetting Spacefleet at the very least.