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AD Basic Rules --- often overlooked and underappreciated.
However, the simplicity of Basic has made our first online gaming sessions in the Game Room a streamlined experience, therefore accelerating play with a minimal reference to any actual rules.

The Basic Revisited project goal is to create a fun play system that goes beyond the simple "Introduction to Star Frontiers" stepping stone format it was orignally presented in. Not so much something that will be played infinitely, but still something that will be played for more than one or two sessions such as a progressive mini-campaign format.

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At Basic Plus a.k.a Basic Rules Revisited (or simply " B+ ") the goal is to expand on the basic rules, thereby fleshing them out for a wider variety of situations. Everyone remembers the "Security Breach at Port Loren" game in the basic rules, a choose your own adventure introduction to Star Frontiers. Everything was minimal and simple, rolling against character abilities to resolve anything and everything.

However the equipment list was abbreviated and didn't leave a lot of room for expansion. The idea was to get new RPGers into the game quickly and easily so that they could leap into the Expanded Rules and start the actual campaign material. As such, the adventures were somewhat limited to the Port Loren map and didn't leave room for much else beyond simple fights and chases. With a few minor tweaks and expansions, the initial prototype content turned into a very playable online ruleset, and play-tested quite well in a Knight Hawks type setting. It suddenly became more realistic while avoiding the complexities of the Expanded Ruleset for online play.

Think of this project as a happy medium between the Basic and Expanded Rules. Call it "intermediate" if you will. Call it a streamlined version of AD Expanded. Call it "Advanced Basic". Whatever you choose to call it, one thing remains: it is a simple ruleset that can be widely appreciated. The goal of this project is to expand that mindset so that the rules can be applied to a wider variety of scenarios. As such, expect to find simplified revisions for more weapons, defenses, and equipment, along with Basic interpretations of things like computers, robots, vehicles, and the like.