Stern Decks

Deck 9: Recreation > Features a bar & grill, lounge, fresher, arcade/sim chamber, and workout stations. A first class suite is sectioned off in the dorsal side for UPF/government passengers. A universal docking collar islocated in the ventral portion.

Deck 10: Aft Maneuver > The stern RCS thrusters are accessible here along with water tankage, purification plant, and, a back-up life support unit.

Deck 11: Engineering > The engineer's station is located here, where half of the overhaul time is spent. An assistant to the chief engineer is typically stationed here. Also present is the primary life support unit, a generator and power relay station, a full workshop with tool racks, laser lathe, laser drill press, and foundry, and a robotics room with corresponding tool rack and a robot storage area. An airlock is located in the port chamber.

Deck 12: Engine Room > features pressurized/decontamination chambers for entry into the aft atomic drive section, in order to perform maintenance and repair from inside. Monitoring equipment is located onthe dorsal side, a spacesuit locker is centered in the ventral side. Flanking the locker is a pair of workpod bins with airlocks. The other half of overhaul time is spent in these areas.

Deck 13: Aft Sensors > the stern mounted radar and energy sensor is accessible on this deck.