Merchant Scout

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RT-3100 Merchant Scout

HS: 3 HP: 15 Powerplant: 2 Atomic A
ADF: 4 MR: 4 DCR: 30 Crew: 4-8
Armament: LB
Defenses: RH
Communication/Detection: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, Radar, Skin Sensors, Intercom
Misc Equipment: Streamlined, Deluxe Astrogation, Universal AirDock

DRIVE (Atomic) (4)
LIFE SUPPORT cap:8 (1)

Cargo Capacity: 2 (1.5 main hold, 0.5 aft hold)
Crew Accomodations: 4 double cabins
Passenger Accomodations: n/a
Ship's Vehicles: none

Rayax Transport belts out this entry level craft which has become popular with adventurers and business owners alike. Their holds are too small for true freight hauling, but the smaller crews and better speed capabilities make them desirable for small loads that need to be at their destinations much sooner than the big ships can manage.

Essentially reverse engineered from an assault scout, the merchant scout retains much of the original pattern. However, due to design constraints the weaponry and performance pacakges are limited to civilian grades. Still, the single laser battery is added without any adverse effects to performance. The ship is unique in that the underbelly cargo section which runs most of the length of the craft, thus expanding carrying capacity. Lower mass is made up by shortening the overall length.

The forward mandibles section contains the avionics and hydroponics as well as water tankage and a purification plant. Space is allocated for an optional back up life support unit as well.

Aft of that is the flying bridge with a 90º tilted control booth for the pilot, copilot, computer operator, and engineer to assume a "fighter jockey" stance for atmospheric landings or the simple different style of space flight. The communications and radar arrays are also accessible on this deck, along with various electronic and avionic circuits.

Behind that is the main bridge featuring a pilot/copilot helm, astrogation and engineer stations, and a computer station with a floor access panel to the mainframe. The main hold reaches up to this point "below".

The next deck down is the recreation deck, sporting a galley with autocooker, refrigeration/freezer unit, pantry, and autocooker. A lounge and recreation area is adjacent, and a fresher with shower facilities rounds out the deck.

Sternward from there is the crew deck with four cabins that can be tailored to single or double occupancy as desired. Controls to the laser battery are in the foyer.

Aft from the crew deck is the engineering deck with full analysis equipment for the drives and maintenance aspects, along with a tool shop and access to the main life support unit and generator/power relay station. Maintenance hatches lead to the RCS thrusters.

Finally, the bottom-most deck is the aft hold with airlock to the Universal Docking Collar and hatches to the main hold.

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