Fore Decks

Deck 1 Key
This deck houses the communications and forward sensor arrays along with the various avionic equipment and diagnostic stations.

Deck 2 Key
The bridge is located on deck two. Command stations for the pilot and co-pilot/energy gunner in the dorsal center, to the left is the astrogator station, and the chief engineer takes up the position to the right. Adjacent to the engineer station is the captain and executive officer centers. Opposite of those two positions is the torpedo command center and a computer operator station which also includes the communication and detection panels. Adjacent to the computer station is additional astrogation equipment nestled into the starboard ventral side.

Deck 3 Key
Deck three contains the forward maneuver modules and access for maintenance and repair, along with a pair of hydroponics bins.

Deck 4 Key
Four single suites and a captain's suite occupy this deck. The captain's suite has a private fresher and shower facility, a communal fresher and shower flank the galley/lounge area. Typically the pilot, astrogator, chief engineer, and the XO occupy the four single suites.