SIG-15H Sathar heavy fighter

heavy fighter

HS:2 HP:10 Powerplant: single sub-Atomic A 
ADF:5 MR:4 DCR:40 Crew: 2 
Known Armament: PL, PLT 
Known Defenses: RH 
Known Communication/Detection Equipment: Subspace Radio, Radar 

Theorized Computer 
Alarm (1) 
Analysis (3) 
Astrogation (1) 
Damage Control (1) 
Drive (3) 
Information Storage (1) 
Laser Battery (1) 
Laser Cannon (1) 
Maintenance (1) 

These menaces have just been discovered. Just as fast as a standard size 1 fighter and nearly as agile, their pod laser turrets compliment the role as an anti-fighter platform. Not very effective on larger warships though, but Frontier fighter jockeys are forewarned if they must tangle with these nasty anti-fighter craft.