SIG-21 Sathar Fighter

light fighter 

HS:1 HP:5 Powerplant: single sub-Atomic A 
ADF:6 MR:5 DCR:30 Crew: 1 
Known Armament: Pod Laser 
Known Defenses: RH 
Known Communication/Detection Equipment: Subspace Radio, Radar 

Theorized Computer 
Alarm (1) 
Analysis (3) 
Astrogation (1) 
Damage Control (1) 
Drive (3) 
Information Storage (1) 
Laser Cannon (1) 
Maintenance (1) 

The Sathar SIG-21 is a new light fighter from the devious worms, intended for an anti-fighter role. They're faster than the standard SIG-25 but can't take as much damage, as a result they are easier to destroy assuming you can keep up with them. While posing a minor threat to the UPF's standard Class:1 craft, their speed could overwhelm slower UPF heavy fighters to some degree.