SIG-25 Sathar Fighter

standard Sathar fighter 

HS:1 HP:8 Powerplant: single sub-Atomic A 
ADF:5 MR:5 DCR:30 Crew: 1 
Known Armament: Assault Rocket (x3) or long range Pod Laser 
Known Defenses: RH 
Known Communication/Detection Equipment: Subspace Radio, Radar 

Theorized Computer 
Alarm (1) 
Analysis (3) 
Assault Rocket (1) or Laser Cannon (1) 
Astrogation (1) 
Damage Control (1) 
Drive (3) 
Information Storage (1) 
Maintenance (1) 

The SIG-25, an acronym dating back to the first Sathar War that stands for "Sathar Intruding Gunship", is the mainline fighter craft of the sinister intruding foes of the Frontier. Since the formation of the SFC, the Sathar have been stepping up their fighter tactics so it is unknown whether the basic design is still in use or not. The worms have recently acquired the Pod Laser technology recently as SpaceFleet & SFC have discovered several groups armed as such, and speculation has it they may be integrating convertible systems on their fighter craft as the Frontier did with their F-40C Vulcan program. 

Like all Sathar craft, an intact specimen has yet to be recovered. SFC attempts to capture one via ion guns have all resulted in the SIG pilot's self destruction of the craft. Suffice to say Auto Eject technology is not part of their fighter program.