Vimh 2.0 or Return of the Ratling

Vimh 2.0 (working title) 
Brief History 
The vimh, aka ratlings, are a bio-engineered sapient species. They were developed under mysterious circumstances at an isolated corporate colony by a company called TERA Labs LLC. TERA (Terran Exobiological Research & Application) Labs is as mysterious as the vimh themselves; it was never publicly traded, has no known connection to any established mega corp, and as mysteriously as the company appeared it imploded leaving company assets abandoned across the Frontier. 
The existence and fate of the Vimh remained unknown until a freighter misjumped and discovered the lost corporate colony and one brave vimh stole aboard and made his way to Clarion Station in the White Light system. 

Physical Structure 
The vimh are a bipedal, bi-latteraly symmetrical, sapient species. All evidence points to genetic engineering of a scale more advanced than the state of the art in the Frontier. 

Their rodent ancestry is prominent but human and yazirian genes may also have been included. Fully erect they stand 2 meters tall but normal posture is hunched with an overall height of 1.5 meters. Coloration favors paleness with pink and gray being popular but coat color can vary widely and be mixed with patches. 

They have small but deft hand and powerful rodent like legs. Tails are whip like and hairless. The tail is not prehensile. 

There is a recessive genetic trait that appears in 10% of the population, transparent skin. It allows for internal structure to be seen and results in a ghoulish appearance. Individuals with this trait must be careful to protect against UV radiation and sunlight. It is believed that this trait was a major goal of TERA Labs for purposes of medical research. 

Vimh visual acuity is poor. Their daylight vision is not as good as Humans and night vision is not as good as Yazirians. Their sense of smell is excellent to superb. 

Speech is high pitched and squeaky but their “native” language seems to be Pan Gal. If the vimh wish to communicate privately it can be difficult for all but a linguist to follow along due to speed and pitch (LOG check to understand).

Society & Customs 


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