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Read this first!!!! (Introduction for this book) 

            For the last year or so I have seen the Star Frontiers Renewal unfold. It is great to say that a handful of gamers and I put together the ideas for this source book. Now instead of staying with the Frontier you can now go beyond and look into the Great Spiral Galaxy with more of an idea of what you can do. Explore a newer more perilous frontier in which will amaze you while trying to kill you off like the little rodents it thinks you are. See what different ancient races left their mark on the galaxy and what came before the modern-day. So, enjoy this newest edition to the Star Frontiers Galaxy.

 -- Greg Rapp 
 Introduction to the Frontier- 

            The Frontier is a place in space where the stars are closer together than any other place in the galaxy. This made it easy for intelligent life forms to make their first contacts and later establish the Frontier. This was a place where four main sentient races began to intermingle and later become very close allies, which was seen in the Satharian Wars. For years these races fought off extermination of two enemies (the Mechanon and the Sathar). But, as the UPF (alliance of the Frontier races) began to expand the races of the Frontier began to look beyond the center of the galaxy and to the fringes of actual known space. As the Frontier began to expand more races began to sign the UPF treaty/charter in order to become rich or be protected by the UPF military. But, as the next century and a half began to unfold the Frontier had been said to end at the edges of the center of the galaxy which marked an imaginary boundary that hardly anyone was willing to cross.


            But, as the years went the UPF could only find evidence of thirty-four recorded races amongst the Frontier borders. As scientists tried to make further contact they soon found out that outside the Frontier borders more races exited. This was determined by the massive amounts of satellites that were intercepted or the radio messages received. The galaxy was much bigger than it seemed to be for those who lived in the Frontier.

   Introduction for beyond the Frontier- 

            Even though the Frontier makes up 99% of the center of the galaxy, everything beyond it is well more spread out. Stars are more than 2 or 3 light-years apart. But, unlike the Frontier there are more signs of ancient races. A war that has come to past also bears its marks upon the stars that are beyond the Frontier. Such a war has blotted out many stars and is rumored to have wiped out many races from the Great Spiral Galaxy beyond the center of the galaxy.  But many of those who survived the war disappeared or were killed off by either the Sathar or other militaristic races in the galaxy. Races such as the Eorna, Tetrach, and Clikk fled to the center of the galaxy (now the modern-day Frontier which is made up of many political factions) meanwhile other ancient races who had survived the war fled to different arms of the spiral galaxy and eventually disappeared leaving only the remains of their tattered history and wonderous technology.

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