Ancient Races of the Great Spiral Galaxy

Even though there is plenty of evidence of ancient races that once roamed the stars of the galaxy, they can be no longer found. Some people say that few may exist in the darker corners of the galaxy from their mortal enemies such as the Eorna hiding from the Sathar. Many claim these ancient races have taken some kind of enlightenment from mysterious gods they believed in. But the answer that has seemed to fit witrh every scientist in the Frontier is that they may have just died away. Inside the Great Spiral Galaxy (central part) the remains of the ancient races such as the Eorna or the Clikk are semi-visible. Now when you leave the outer-boundaries of the center of the galaxy you see the signs even more clearly. Unlike what you see in the central part of the galaxy the artifacts of these races. Everything from weapons to massive Dyson Sphers which gave protection to stars of many advanced ancient races. In the modern-day galaxy you can see the lasting effects of the war that has been said to have killed off the Ancients. Many younger races show praise towards these races as gods or higher beings that are said to come back to deliver them or even give them the knowledge to ascend to the stars in the heavens.