Ship vehicles and bays

There are a variety of small ships that a larger ship may be carrying.  These include launches, lifeboats, workpods and escape pods.  This could also include small shuttles or even fighter craft on military vessels.  This ships may be housed internally inside of bays within a ship or just docked externally depending on the ship designer's wishes.

Small Launch - Holds 4 passengers. Cost:  75,000 cr, Mass 50 tons, volume 20 cu m.

Large Launch - holds 10 passengers.  cost 100,000 cr, mass: 120 tons, volume:50 cu m.

Small Lifeboat - This lifeboat is designed to hold 10 beings instead of the standard 20.  Cost: 75,000 cr.  Mass 120 tons?, volume: 50 cu m.

Large Lifeboat - This is the standard lifeboad from the KH rules (20 passengers)  cost:  100,000 cr, Mass: 200 tons?, volume 80 cu m

Escape pod
- The mass, cost and volume for an escape pod already include the bay/mount point in which it is held.  cost:  30,000 cr, mass: 15 tons, volume: 16 cu m.

Workpod - cost: 75,000cr, mass: 80 tons, volume: 30 cu m.

Bays - If the ship's vehicle is to housed inside the parent ship, space must be allocated to house the vehicle and secure it during maneuvers. Depending on the exact shape of the ship's vehicle, the vehicle bay could be two to three times the size of the ship itself.  The cost of a bay includes all the machinery needed to dock the craft and secure it during maneuvers.  Cost:  20,000*HS of vehicle cr, Mass: 25*HS of vehicle tons, volume: 1.5x volume of vehicle

External docking point - In this case the smaller ship is just attached to the outside of the mothership with a docking mechanism and connected by some sort of umbilical to allow access from within the main ship.  The only space10used up within the main ship is a bit of space for the vehicle access room (effectively an airlock) and some support equipment.  There is a limit to the number of ships that can be docked in this manner (Need to figure out how to limit it)  Cost:  5000 * HS of vehicle cr.  Mass: 15* HS of docked vehicle, volume: 10 cu m.