Starship construction

The steps to designing and building a new spacecraft are:

  1. Select purpose of the ship. Doesn't have any direct effect on the ship's statistics, cost, etc but guides the design of the ship through the later stages

  2. Select astrogation systems

  3. Select communication and sensor systems

  4. Select Weapons and Defenses

  5. Select Specialized equipment (mining, cargo, etc)

  6. Determine cargo bay size

  7. Select ship vehicles and bays
  8. Determine crew/passenger size

  9. Select crew and passenger accommodations

  10. Determine life support requirements

  11. Determine initial computer requirements

  12. Determine Power requirements

  13. Determine hull type

  14. Determine hull size

  15. Add any additional armor
  16. Determine ship's total mass

  17. Pick engine type, number and sizes

  18. Finalize computer requirements and verify power requirements and size

  19. Calculate final cost

  20. Determine ADF, DCR, etc