Astrogation Systems

Different types of ships need different levels of astrogation equipment.  Depending on the type of ship, choose the appropriate astrogation suite from the list below

Shuttles - Only basic astrogation equipment is needed as they are travelling only between ships or from a planet's surface to orbit and back.  Cost: 1,000 cr, mass: 0.3 tons, volume: 0.1 cu. m

System Ships - These ships need telescopes and other astrogation devices that will allow them to move around between planets and moons within a system.  Cost:  5,000 cr, mass: 1 ton, volume 2 cu. m.

Starships - In addition to the astrogation reqirements of a system ship, these ships need large telescopes and sensitive detectors to measure the positions of faint stars to determine the ships exact position and plot interstellar jumps.  Cost:  15,000 cr, mass 3 tons, volume: 5 cu m.

Deluxe starship package - This is a more sophisticated starship astrogation package that includes more sensitive detectors and a larger telescope.  It provides a 20% reduction in the time required to plot an intersellar jump and provides a +10% skill bonus to the astrogators using it .  Cost: 50,000 cr, mass 10 tons, volume 25 cu. m.