Like many tragic events, the Free World Rebellion on Kdikit at Madderly's Star had its origin in simple twists of fate. The human colonist were unavoidably delayed from reaching their new home till they had been upstaged by the vrusk.

The Frontier Agricultural Resource Mission (FARM) had met with huge success in its mission to establish a agricultural colony on Lossend to supply the growing populations on Clarion and Minotaur. The next mission was planned for Kdikit and its colonist volunteers were sought from both Clarion and Minotaur. Saddly the mission was delayed repeatedly after first contact with the vrusk and dralasites. It was further delayed when the new joint colony of the three races was organized on Triad in the Cassidine system. The FARM board of directors organized an altogether new mission for Rupert's Hole in the Cassidine system to supply food to the new colony on Triad which further delayed the Kdikit mission. When the colonist for Kdikit did reach their new planet they discovered that a new vrusk conglomerate, Naar, had upstaged them by five months.

Eight months prior, the Naar organization had only been a small aerospace trade house. Its director, Hatzk, had bid aggressively for the contract to supply vrusk interest on Triad but lost out to a larger trade house with better connections in the Terledrom government. Fearing that his trade house was about to be frozen out of lucrative opportunities, Hatzk liquidated assets and converted the trade house into a new style of company called a conglomerate. His intent was to colonize and develop a whole planet or star system. Believing that Kdikit was free for the taking he moved his operation there. Within a few months Naar had built an active star port, several corporate style farms and the necessary infrastructure to support the aggricultural exploitation of the planet.

When the FARM mission finally arrived on Kdikit the Naar Conglomerate welcomed them hoping that the human farmers would add to the overall Gross Planetary Product and help drive prosperity and the success of Naar. The human colonist, for the most part, quickly became embittered against the vrusk. Resenting them as interlopers on what should have been their planet.

Differences in philosophy also led to friction between the humans and the vrusk. Due to ecological disasters in humanity's past the directors of FARM required that the colonist involved in its missions had to practice a self sustainable approach with a soft impact on the environment. The vrusk approach was diametrically different being an industrial approach with a harder impact on the environment. Hatzk's commitment to growing his conglomerate as fast as possible and the rapid expansion of the industrial farming system quickly marginallized the human farmers.

The governments of Clarion and Minotaur, despite their differences had agreed to underwrite FARM missions as long as the new colonies were not beholden to either planet but would be self determining. So while the colonist for the FARM missions were drawn from both Clarion and Minotaur neither planet had direct control of the new colony. Feeling abandoned, the human colonist of Kdikit organized Freedom Committees. Some even declared themselves the true government of Kdikit.

The spark that ignited open hostility came when the Naar Conglomerate cleared land for a new industrial farm within kilometers of the farm of a Freedom Committee leader. Members of the Freedom Committees stormed and vandalized the industrial farms. Hatzk tried to demand reparations but then the rebels attacked the star port, rounding up all the vrusk they could. A majority of the human colonist supported the eviction of the vrusk but reactionaries began killing them. The killings were quiet at first but not completely a secret. Hatzk witness the first masacre from orbit before dispatching ships to Clarion and Minotaur to demand intervention.

Realizing that the situation had the potential to create an interstellar incident, and unsure how the government of Terledrom might react, the Crown of Clarion ordered the Royal Marines to move in a restore order quickly. Saddly, in the time it took for the Royal Marines to Reach Zdikit the killings had spread.