additional unit types

The Units available to Landfleet are as follows: Infantry, Support Inf, Combat Robots*, Scout Cycles*, Fast track personnel carrier (FTPC)*, power armour*, infantry walkers*, gunships*, Air transport, Mortar (Inf)*
  • see below for a description of new units
  • The new units are as detailed below:
NameAIAADefMoveRangeCost Notes
Mortar1-110504Barrage 4cm templates x2. Indirect
FTPC322   Transports 2 units
Scout Cycles1-160154Spotter
Power Armour222254010Shielding, Inf
Combat Robots      Special rules
Inf Walkers      Shielded
Gunship243   VTOL
Air Transport322   Transports 4 stands

Notes:Mortar: Place a 4cm template and roll another D6 to place the remaining template.

FTPC: APC’s were deemed to be too limiting in this role, and a fast, lighter version was required with suitable firepower to support the infantry. The FTPC was the resulting solution.

SCOUT CYCLE: Fast, maneuvable and apt for the role. Not designed for direct combat, but rather to deliver precise coordinates to orbital control for effective bombing solutions.

POWER ARMOUR: The ultimate in infantry troop types

SF – Sathar Wars
 Additional units LANDFLEET Militia 
 Prone to artillery fire; artillery add =1 to hit. Cannot be counted as a spotting unit. One unit may be upgraded to a commander: 

Add 1 point to either AI or AA--+10cms+4
 Improved morale, additional support options and can spot for artillery. 

Support Base, Militia
Add 3 points to either AI or AA115cm50cm5
 Use special templates for barrage effect (2 x 4cm ) 

Classed as infantry for movement purposes, otherwise treat as a vehicle.

 Steathy; can only be targeted at ranges of 30cm and below. 

OPTION for Militia
AIAADEFMove RangePts
 Prone to artillery fire; artillery add =1 to hit. Cannot be counted as a spotting unit. All units must fire at one target. Depends on the number of stands in the unit:  
Number of unitsAIRange
6 or over430cm
 A truly multi-tasking unit. Can carry out VTOL attacks. Can spot for ONE artillery unit.  

Hover bikes/ Cycles
AIAADEFMove RangePts
 Due to speed & manoeuvrability of these units, it counts as being in soft cover – i.e. a +1 to hit. Being in soft cover is not accumulative.Hoverbikes cannot carry out VTOL attacks – engine propulsion is not designed to operate this way.

Combat Robots 
DefenceAdd 3 points to either AI or AA3-50cm360°7
PatrolAdd 2 points to either AI or AA320cm40cm180°7
AttackAdd 2 points to either AI or AA330cm30cm180°7
 Defence robots do not move, but can rotate in location to attack enemies in rangePatrol robots operate in a 30cm x 30cm box (see rules) to be clarified laterAttack Robots: Nominate a point on the battlefield. The robots advance to this point and then use the patrol rules to secure the point there after.