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Landfleet  History to UPF – Landfleet

81FY:  Task Force Cassidine crushes the Sathar Feint on Zebulon, but with heavy losses. The UPF now realizes how vulnerable it is to land attacks.

82FY:  The UPF establishes the United Planetary Federation Landfleet, the first interplanetary army raised on the frontier. Thousands of Humma and Osakar arrive from the Rim and enlist, hoping to stop the Sathar menace before it invades their homeworlds. Many die for the Frontier, but still more stay and become citizens after the war.

84FY:  Dralasites and the Coalition insist that a diplomatic mission be sent to Outpost#1. The Sathar agree to meet three months later to discuss a possible treaty. Non-Sathar agents represent Sathar interests at the meetings. Diplomatic talks are held for another 18months with no results. During that time the Sathar strengthen their defences and repair their ships. The UPF Landfleet is given time to become a formidable army.

88-90FY:The Siege of Outpost#1. Task Force Prenglar blockades Outpost#1 while Landfleet is shuttled in under intense fire. The land battle take two years to complete. At the end of the hostilities, no Sathar survive and 40% of Landfleet is destroyed. Among the Landfleet dead, 30% are non-frontier citizens. Most of the Ifshnit, Osakar, and Humma who have served the UPF during the war settle down on the UPF Frontier worlds.

93FY:  The Frontier worlds decide that a permanent, but scaled down, UPF Landfleet force must be maintained at all times for the defence of the Frontier.

95FY:  Outpost#1 is established as a UPF military base. The “Hoppin’ Hundred and Eighth” a spearhead Humma division, is stationed there permanently.